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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by trekman1017, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Durring the production of the dominion war there was a need for new starship designs, so the VFX team baught up all the plastic modle kits in L.A. and had a "Kit Bashing Party". The new classes of ship include:

    *Intrepid-Constitution varient, parts used: F-14 Tomcat,A federation runnabout, intrepid class, constitution class

    *USS Centar, (kit avalible from paragon)

    *Excelsion-constitution variant: parts: maranda class, constitution class excelsior class

    *3 nacelled excelsior variant: parts;enterprise-B, excelsior, constitution

    *constitution varient:parts; constitution

    *Intrepid Variant; parts:Intrepid, maquis rader


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  2. THE DC

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    Very nice!

    Thanks for posting this site. A good analysis of rushed modeling and contiuity errors, though I feel that DS9 was overall an excellent pogram.

    Tempting to kitbash with paper, Hmmmmmm?

    The DC

  3. trekman1017

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    some kits do not exist yet in papr, or I have not been able to find them, they will be essential in this project, they are:F-14 Tomcat, a good federation runnabout, a maquies rader,
  4. Paragon

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    Don't forget the Curry and Raging Queen types. Those are some of my favorites.
  5. trekman1017

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    is there a designer who will take on the task of designing an F-14 Tomcat, a good federation runnabout, a maquies rader?
  6. shiftdel

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    I think I do have a 3d model of the maquis raider, it is form a mod for Starfleet Command, I guess it won't be so difficult as some other trek projects I"m currently doing, so I can give it a try, I just need to find the file...
  7. THE DC

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    Your request

    There's a Runabout out there; I'll try to get yuou the link or send my copy if I can find either soon. Graphics are hand drawn but the shape's good.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    ninjatoes has made the runabout.
  9. THE DC

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    That's right!

    Thanks, you are correct sir. I couldn't remeber the location. Here it is:

    BTW: Nice version of the Defiant here!

    THE DC


    ARMORMAN Guest

    Thanks, I did the redraw and instructions. Ninjatoes did a nice job hand designing it.
  11. THE DC

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    Cool! Is the link I sent the right spot for the redraw, or did I send him to the wrong place??

    The DC

    ARMORMAN Guest

    the DL for the redraw and instructions is under the pic of the Defiant on the "Star Trek" page under the heading: "redraw by Bill Perry". So you sent him to the right place. :)

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I just did it and sent it to him. I thought the design was excellent, but it needed instructions and was lacking in the art department (pet peeve as I'm an artist). I had not done any assembly directions (instructions - I also have a background in technical illustration) in some time, so I used the opportunity to brush up my skills. All the models I design and sell come with similar instructions. He liked it and posted it. He also allowed me to let Jon Lelslie mirror it at his site.

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