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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by viperman, Aug 27, 2006.

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    They were made years ago actually. They were 'modified' in that they took an 85 foot car and simply shortened it to 65 feet is all. I suppose you could buy 85 foot cars and cut them, but myself I am not that good sooo. Or look on ebay or something, maybe someone is selling old cars.
    Another option would be to use old style cars as they were shorter as well. Some as small as 50 feet. You could find them at Walthers I think. Not sure cause I don't buy from them. Anyhow, old time stuff is shorter.

    Hope that helps.
  2. viperman

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    Next time I go to the LHS, I'll take a look for some Athearn blue box kits (I love those) of some passenger cars.
  3. Canopus

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    As testament to how much larger US railroad equipment is compared to English railways, 60 foot is considered a "long" passenger car here!
  4. Nazgul

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    Any more thoughts on the subject of your layout.....Prision (you'd have a unique one that's for sure)!:thumb:
    I have 60' passenger cars on 18" radii...looks good ( I would not go bigger).
    Come on...share:D
  5. viperman

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    Haven't made any progress in the past couple weeks, as I haven't been up home to work on it. Wish I had more time for it though.

    I have contacted Galen to work on a new trackplan. Even if I do come up with a new one, I still kinda like the idea of the prison. One thing I worry about with creating a new trackplan, is losing the one hill I created. I really like the progress I've made on this one, and it would be hard to incorporate it somewhere else. I would, however, like to start fresh with a foam base like you did, so I could carve below the tracks, rather than only going up from them.

    Steve, care to post a pic here of the 60' passengers on the 18"s? I know I've seen at least one pic in your thread a while back, but posting one here would be really nice.
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    Your wish is my command:thumb:

    18" curve
    View attachment 30095

    Same curve...lookin' down
    View attachment 30096

    20" curve
    View attachment 30097

    These are 60 you can see, they are pushing the limits of "good taste" on these curves. Couldn't see going any bigger. They look fine (to me) running around the track.
    Can't wait till I can take the tape off the track and start running trains again!:D

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  7. viperman

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    Those don't look bad on the curves to me. A little on the old side, but for a prison, they use what they can get
  8. viperman

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    This is the closest pic to the loco I have, that I can find. The loco I have is an Athearn GP40-2, road number 3043. Picture is a GP40, road number 3043. If I were to detail the GP40-2, would the same details be found on a GP40?
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    Nice, Nagzul!! Who makes your engine?
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    Continuation of my last post...

    Or would I be better off detailing the GP40-2 to resemble this one, which has a close but no cigar road number? The loco in this pic is a BN GP40-2, road number 3040
  11. viperman

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    Ok, and this is not MY loco, but is identical. Photo is from the Athearn website:
  12. Chessie6459

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    Great Photo's. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  13. viperman

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    Wish I could take credit for them. I got them from
  14. Nazgul

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    Chessie said a mouthful!...Vipe...those are great pics...awesome
    Miles, my loco is a P2K it!
  15. UP SD40-2

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    Steven, the pics you posted, and the pics i have found are NOT GREAT to use for proto pics to see just how BN had there GP40-2's set up:( . i did notice the horn placement is different in one of the pics:thumb: . in my thread i have asked for help finding good GP40-2 BN pics so you have something to go by:thumb: . CAN ANYONE HELP OUT WITH THIS? ANY BN GP40-2 pics would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!:thumb: THANKS!:D -Deano
  16. LongIslandTom

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    Somebody needed a photo of BN #3043? Found one..

    I would add:

    - Brass Cab sunshades (Details Associates 101301) - Use brass sprue on sunshade as mounting posts, drill hole in cab and attach.
    - MU Hoses (Details Associates 1508) - Goes on both front and rear pilots, 8 hoses per pilot.
    - Grab Irons (Details Associates 2202) - Drill holes in pre-cast dimples w/ #79 drill
    - Lift Rings (Details Associates 2206) - Drill holes in pre-cast dimples on roof w/ #79 drill
    - Coupler lift bars (Details Associates 2211) - goes on both front and rear pilots.
    - Speed Recorder (Detail Associates 2807) - Goes on front truck on the fireman's side, on the lead axle journal.
    - Curved grab iron behind last radiator fan (bend from .012" wire) - Drill holes in precast dimples
    - Plow (Details West 155) - goes on front pilot
    - Firecracker antenna (Details West 157) - goes on cab roof
    - Plumbing - Use 30-gauge insulated wire to simulate sand lines on trucks, and bend airbrake lines out of .012" brass wire.

    These are the basic details to make it look good at a distance. For close-up superdetailing you need to add things like the underframe bell, fuel tank plumbing, air filters, ditch lights, etc. etc. Even I don't have the patience for all that sometimes. :thumb:

    Hope this helps!

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  17. Canopus

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    Hey, you know the Athearn Geep 40 aint too bad looking. Is it one of the retooled RP molds or one of their later models?

    As for pictures of the loco, the ones I can see on don't look like they'd offer much in the way of detailing information, since they're all head-on shots. The only thing I might suggest looking at is the bn archive. should give you some ideas.
  18. Canopus

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  19. viperman

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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I will check out those archives
  20. Russ Bellinis

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    It was one of the last models that Irv did before he passed away. He did nice detailinor at least arrainged to have nice detailing done on his molds. The problem is that he didn't have narrow enough motors to do scale width hoods on his earlier models.

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