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  1. Hello everyone, i finally got some work done on my layout. I laid my hidden stageing out first to get a feel of how it would work with my track plan, and so far it seems to fill the bill. It measures 16' wide from side to side. It only took up about 12" of my benchwork and that was spaced on 2" centers. Where the front of the bench is, there will be a masonite back drop seperating the stageing to the rear you see in the pics. This leaves me about 12" to run my main through to both ends of the layout. If you guys remember, i posted a diagram of my benchwork earlier in the track planning section that will give you some idea of what im talking about. This was the simpleist way to get hidden stageing without building another deck and helix. I will post pics as i go, so please feel free to gimme your opinions and suggestions. Thanks!:thumb:

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    Nice, very nice. Looks like its working out well for you. So good luck, keep us updated with more pics and such as you progress.:)
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    COOL!! looks like the NYC to Chicago "racetrack" the PRR and NYC had! :thumb: Can't wait to see some trains on those tracks! (remember to focus well! :) ) Maybe even some scenery, perhaps? ;)

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