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  1. prodigy2k7

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    I havent yet to program my loco, I havent even received my zephyr yet...
    I do have a question though...
    I understand what acceleration momentum is and whatnot...
    What is this weird stuff under "Reg"
    Bit 1
    Bit 2

    What is CV and Register?
    Differences....definition etc...
    I am kinda confused about all this. I plan to hookup my zephyr and loco as soon as I get it! lol
    I want to be ready to use asap! lol...
  2. Thoroughbreed

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    CV = Configuration Value ie is the data for a certain register to react the way you want it to; you would program certain cv's to respond to when you push the "F2" button, the ditch lights would correspond to flashing alternately.
    I did install an A6X in my Genesis Sd70m and had to setup 2 functions for the ditch lights.
    Generally the only thing I change is the address, and leave the factory defaults on the rest.:thumb:
  3. rogerw

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    a cv is for fine tuning differant things. You can set it for the start voltage for a certain loco. If you make up a consist ( more than 1 loco) you can set the start voltage for as many as 8 locos to start moving at the same speed when you start to move. you can set the rate of steps (how fast it accelerats so they get up to speed at the same rate. A cv (configuration variable) is used to fine tune /configure many things. It is used to take many locos , and assign it to one throtle and make them all act as 1 loco and a whole lot more.
  4. rogerw

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    allso on a more basic example a cv is used to set the address on the chip in the engine that tells what address it is.
  5. prodigy2k7

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