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    Does anyone know if you can download a program for running your n scale layout as if it was real life. Like randomly telling you where the cars had to be delivered and moved to. Any thoughts would be a great!!!!

  2. Groove

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    nothing that springs to mind, but if no one's got any idea's PM me and I'll see what I can write (in a spare moent!)
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    I don't, but I'm thinking of writing one too...

    It occurred to me that operations (which I haven't got into yet) tend to be described in terms of either huge unit trains, or car cards with destinations and return addresses, or even random arrangements. But surely the movement of freight cars is determined entirely by the industries along the way, and the movement of locomotives is thus determined by the movement of freight cars. Of course, it makes sense to have a way freight or through freight go at a particular time of day, but only once it has been determined that that would be the most efficient and useful route. I would like to think that my (freelance) railroad was going to attempt to make money by keeping customers happy (most of the time), while it can continue to be profitable.

    So, starting with a list of industries, freight 'orders' would arrive from customers, and the, erm, 'logistics engineer' (in today's parlance) would organise what was actually happen and when, and advise the despatcher accordingly. Of course, we won't be able to satisfy everyone all of the time -- that's part of the game anyway.

    As I get used to operating the schedule efficiently, I can increase the size of the industries (as they increase in size), or build new ones. If it gets too much, well we could always have a bit of a recession...

    Anyone else tried this?

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    I did a search...

    ...on google awhile ago and found several small/homegrown software companies.

    Here's just one that generates a switchlist for you. I downloaded others but haven't had the time to play with them yet.

    Look around, I'm sure there are others.

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    I have a small one in Excel that will do what you want for a small layout - an email with your address will get it

    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    There was one in the NMRA Bulletin about 20 years ago written in basic (Can you still runbasic under Windows?) My friend used it for a few years until another fellow rewrote it in C and C++. The next time my friend was using ShipIt.
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    I remember when I was researching for the Credit Valley Railway, I ran across a fellow, Richard Wakefield, who was doing a similar area to me, however he was doing transition era. Anyway, he advertised a software package.

    Interchange: 5 years of development has produced this leap forward in computerized car routing.
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