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    That is some nice modeling, I realy like the track up on the ridge, Just kinda flowing along. I hope the work I've been doing to mine will come out as nice as what you have done. I've got to fininish one more mountain and some scenery in Temporal Yard before I can start laying track and putting trees in.

    The bad news is that my local shop won't carry code 55 in either Peco or Atlas. He said he'd order some if I wanted to buy a whole box but I don't need that much. So its over an hour north or south to get it. ROAD TRIP:D :D
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    I'll get to work on some scetches as soon as I can...
    Whether I actually start building any thing is, at this point, another story...
    But there is that empty corner over there, that's got N scale layout written all over it! :D
    Oh yeah, & there's that pile of playwood in the garage that my wife's been trying to get me to get rid of...what better place to put it than into some new RR?!
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    Robin and Shane thanks for the good words, for the record it takes me awhile to get anything done cause it seems like I have to do everything 3 or 4 times to get it right.:( Everybody might be interested in this site [] they everything in N-Scale and at 35% LESS than retail whether you order 1 or 100 of something. Everytime I have ordered from them I got it in 48 to 72 hours!:D Charlie you already have one h*ll of a great start on a very nice layout I would think expansion is the way to go myself.

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