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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by kokoracer, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Work continiues on the Springfield Southern. The center area is now paved in concrete. Painted styrene over the cork. A tower has been added to handle the Crystal Lake spurs and another is under construction
    for the Palmer yard. One more tower will be built to service the Ames ridge spurs. I am using the Atlas towers.

    The loco fleet continues to grow with the purchase of a Trainman RS32 in NYC paint. Each spur now has at least one dedicated loco. Guess you could say that the SSR is run by an Alco holic!

    Contruction has started on the town of Ames Ridge. This will be the west end of the layout. A very busy bridge line, The SSR offers connections to Boston via Worcester. Providence and the Cape, service through Hartford to NYC and beyond as well as a connection to Albany via Westfield MA..

    Question for the day. Building kits vs built ups. THe LHS seems to be going more towards built up buildings, is this a trend in the hobby?
    I enjoy the kits and cannot afford too many build ups.

    Hey! I am no longer a junior member LOL John
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    I doubt very much that more built-ups are actually the choice of most hobbyists, particularly the more accomplished ones. Rather, their growth in the markeplace stems from at least two obvious factors. Built-ups provide a greater return to the manufacturers than do kits. And built-ups appeal to the new hobbyists, who lacks modeling talent but spends far more dollars per month on the hobby than do the established old-timers. Look for the hobby to probably go entirely RTR within the next 5-7 years. For those of us still interested in actual modeling and kits, eBay will become the standard venue.

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    What he said! sign1
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    Hey Guys!

    Funds are limited! A digital camera costs $$ that I would rather put into track, scenery and rolling stock. Once a 1/4, I promise to buy a single use film camera and do some photos.

    Ordered some Proto 1000 50ft box cars in PC colors. Got two in today. Not bad for the price and I can now retire some space filling rolling stock.

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