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  1. Fisher

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    Hi ALL,

    I have aquired a vast collection of the above manuals, ( Profile Morskie), and, would like a good and tested way of scaling the said bulkheads and other profiles etc etc, to fit on to an A4 sheets from my printer.

    The software package`s I have at my disposal are, Adobe Reader, Adobe Illustrator, PDF Convertor Pro, and, PSP v7.0; i have other things such as ghostscript is it called?, the free software, and some others.

    My aim is to reproduce in 1/200 scale, some/many of the vessels portrade in said manuals, Profile Morskie, but!!, need to scale and set up to print in whole or in multiples, over A4 sheets, as, cannot afford an A3 printer, shame, but thats life!!!!!!.

    If the parts are spread over many sheets and need putting together, I do not mine this as, I have many ways to affix them to make the whole, so, hoping some of you lot out their can advise me as to what and how to get this sorted, as, i know there are ways, but alas, I cannot bring them to mind, I look forwards to reading your helpful replies/responses..................................

    Again many thanks and regrads to one and all,

  2. B-Manic

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    -- I was not aware that these excellent reference books were available in electronic format . . . ?? Are you talking about scanning the pages to a pdf file or printing existing pdf files?
  3. Fisher

    Fisher New Member


    Hi mate, yes, I am going to try printing existing pdf files, which, many friends have done for me and sent to me over some time now, most of which, unable to contact for many reasons, to be true, i`ve lost their addresses!!!!!!!.ddderrrrrrrrr.

    Still, i hope this helps and regards for your reply mate.........

  4. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    It would seem to me that what you plan might be in violation of the publisher's copyright. If not then you can print with Acrobat Reader. Just set the page size to A4 (file/printer setup) and select fit to printer margins under page scaling when the print options dialog box appears after selecting print . . . having resolved the copyright issue first of course!!

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