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  1. George

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    If we make enough noise, they might hear it in the manufacturing sector.

    Santa didn't bring it because the elves don't make it! You didn't scratch build it or kitbash it because your brother snitched Dad's Dremel when he took off to dental school. What will you do? MAKE A LIST.


    I'd like Bachmann to bring back their "HO" Metroliner set from the 70's, and bring back the Avro Turbo train in "N", release it in HO in CN, Amtrak and Penn Central.

    The Rohr Amtrak Turbo in late 70's livery.

    Con-Cor Dreamscheme autoloaders in "HO".

    A plastic ACELA that doesn't cost as much as the real one.

    Passenger cars with open side doors and exposed stairs, preferably optional.

    Structures and Accessories;

    North American structures of Kibri and Vollmer quality without the Walther's price!

    A variety of 50's & 60's era (will fit in up to date) Motel and Motor Lodge kits, complete with a simulated neon forecourt sign. Including Holiday Inn and the defunct Superior Motel chain.

    Lighted Howard Johnson's and Holiday Inn signs.

    MORE two track bridges that don't cost an arm and a leg.

    A two to four track viaduct. There's too many single track bridges and viaducts on the market.

    Catenary that doesn't look like it's from the middle of Europe, and doesn't cost as much as a trip there to install thirty feet. Yes, I know about Model Memories and their New Haven Catenary, and I've heard mixed reviews. [​IMG]

    Vehicles WITH DRIVERS at the wheel, and additional passengers.

    MORE American and Japanese cars that don't cost US$7.95 for a tiny piece of shiny plastic. For that price it should be metal with opening doors, hood and boot. Cripes, Matchbox used to do it in metal for only 49 cents!! At this expense, how are you supposed to fill a parking lot without going broke? [​IMG]

    A greater variety of 60's American vehicles (Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge, Pontiac, Studebaker).

    Vehicles with opening doors.

    Am I dreaming or what?? [​IMG] Let's hear what you'd like to see coming to the mailbox!

  2. shamus

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    No George, your not dreaming, I would like to see Bachmann bring out an HO Climax, or Heisler. At the moment heislers cost an arm and a leg from (River Rossy) [​IMG] and there isn't anyone else who makes them, apart from BRASS.
  3. Virginian

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    Hi y'all,
    Boy oh boy, George, do I have a starts with locomotives, specifically an N&W Class A 2-6-6-4...#1242 to be exact, N scale. It was the last A they built, and it was built the year I was born. I Saw O. Winston Link's famous night photo of it the other night at an Appleby's here in Santa Rosa!!...the very first publicly displayed any thing N&W I've seen in northern Ca..
    I may just try to get someone to build me one on custom order. Does anyone know of any custom builders??? That's my steam freight loco, for N&W at any rate; I need a Mallet or three and a couple of ellectrics for the VGN line. I've ordered the N&W J 4-8-4 and passenger cars..(Bachman)
    I'm hoping for a resurgence of interest in the "transition era" and more steam locos coming out in N...there's a beautiful HO scale VGN 2-8-8-2 Mallet out and avail.
    here, but I'll have to stick to N for now, unless I come into a surprise 350 bucks that doesn't have a home in the near future. [​IMG] Maybe I'll have space to do HO some year.... I do think you have a great idea, George; if a request for particular products showed up in the "in box" of some of these 'producers, with a couple hundred names affixed ( or several thousand), it might just get somebody's attention!
    I think I'll bring it up on the N scale page, too. Thanks for the idea. [​IMG] (for a while today..more rain comin' [​IMG] )

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  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Ohhh Man!! How about Pennsy Owl cars in HO, MU's and you MUST get a choice of numbers & powered or Non-powered...That's the round windows at the ends not the square that you can find anywhere!

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! [​IMG] -- N Gauger

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  5. George

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    Doesn't MDC Roundhouse make a Heisler or did they in the past? I'm pretty sure they make a Shay you could spiff up to look as good as your Bachmann! [​IMG]

    This weekend I gave some "N" containers to a visiting friend and asked him if he had any well cars. He said the only ones available were US$80+ for a set of five articulated cars! There's a wish list item for "N" gaugers. I bought a set of five cars from Athearn at a show in "HO" for US$16.

    I'd also like to see in "HO" a New Haven EP5 electric, as well as the Pennsylvania E44's, both preferaly in plastic to keep the price down.

  6. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    .."HO give me a home, where the N scalers groan, and the garage is a half a block long..." or.. " Give me space, lottsa space and three plugs in every wall..don't N me in." [​IMG] [​IMG] But seriously...I'd love to see more steam in N Scale,esp,2-8-8-2 Mallets, esp.VGN of N&W,
  7. Railery

    Railery Member

    Boy u guys are too good. George that is quite the list [​IMG] Thats bigger than my Xmas one. i would like to see one of the manufacturers bring back that HO train set that Lionel came out with back in 59. i thought it was awesome [​IMG]
  8. George

    George Member


    I'd love to see Lionel bring back the "HO" they had in 1980! I have a beautiful CN FA unit that weighs a ton and will pull your father out of the pantry! The power truck wasn't made as well as it could have and a spill broke the seam and the gears tumbled out! I'd give anything to get that buggar fixed. [​IMG]

    Perhaps Neil Young is listening? And Neil, if you are, forget about the radio control on everything and concentrate on bringing the price down so I can afford more Lionel "O" for my son, OK? Now there's a wish! [​IMG]

  9. EM-1

    EM-1 New Member

    I can fix your loco! I do repairs for a living and for a hobby not to mension I collect. And this year is my 11th in the repairing field and 12th in the customizing and painting field. If your in the US and want that loco fixed drop me a line at and we'll talk it over and all the details along with it. Hope this sounds good "NO one job is to big or too small" I can handle almost anything (well every job I got so far came out on top and i'm happy with the work and the customer twice as happy......

    B&O's Finest....
    "As EM-1 #7600 emerges from the east portal of Sand Patch Tunnel, it splits the signal at SA tower to head on its way into Meyersdale, PA headed for Connelsville, PA and then onto Pittsburgh. As the rear of the train clears the east porat of Sand Patch the 2 S-1a's uncouple to make their way back down this tramendous grade to Hynman, PA to be ready for the next battle up the B&O "Sand Patch Grade" ~John.
  10. George

    George Member

    WOW! EM-1, I've got a dead Camelback I'd like to get fixed too. I'll be in touch, thanks!

  11. wt&c

    wt&c Guest

    al I want is : SD70MAC
    an affordable SD40-2


    NARA Member #8
    The Appalachian & Atlantic Railroad
  12. George

    George Member

    C'mon Pat, with all that extra room you have with "N" gauge, there must be more than two locomotives on your wish list! [​IMG]

  13. wt&c

    wt&c Guest

    ok, ok ,ok I left some on the table, [​IMG]
    in addition to the MAC's, I want:
    F45 (does anyone make these??)
    and last but not least
    U18B and a U33B

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    The Appalachian & Atlantic Railroad
  14. wt&c

    wt&c Guest

    and to top all that off with an SD90MAC and an SD60I(is is made in N scale,yet)

    NARA Member #8
    The Appalachian & Atlantic Railroad
  15. George

    George Member

    "And a U-Boat in a Pear Treeeee!"
    I'd like to see the U-Boats and SDs too!

    I'd also like to see limited runs of modern locomotives professionally painted in fallen flag schemes.

    How do you feel about that??

  16. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member


    like Bachmann to bring back their "HO" Metroliner set from the 70's

    Umm.. I'm sure I've seen this set fully boxed up at my supplier in Sydney. I'll check it out next time I'm there.
  17. George

    George Member

    Woodie, Welcome Aboard!

    If you cn get that set for yourself it will be a real curiosity at this point. It was in one of the earliest Amtrak Metroliner schemes that I doubt you will ever see reproduced on a Metroliner again.

  18. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member


    Palpitations and just that little bit of excitment, might make us over do it..... but.... Bachman Metroliner from the 70's.... Thought I saw it at my supplier. Well. They have an Alaskan version. You have any accesible pics of what you mean by metroliner of the 70's? and your specific one? The entire set of 4 coaches, and engine is only $55 US ($119 AUS).

  19. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Well, here are the details. It a Bachman McKinley Explorer with a GP40 engine and 4 coaches. With Westours Alaska setup. Anything like a Metroliner? Bachman item #00624.
    I'm not sure if it's the one I saw, but they tell me it Metroliner stuff. Am I close???

  20. Dave Flinn

    Dave Flinn Member

    Just to be (un)helpful, to my mind the McKinley Explorer is nothing like a Metroliner (I rode the Explorer last Summer); but I'm not familiar with the model you're referring to. I do have a model of one McKinley Explorer full-length dome car, but I don't know what the whole train looks like, except in prototype.

    I'm interested to see what comes of all this. Sounds like someone could end up with a very interesting train.

    Dave Flinn, Northeast Regional Vice President, NRHS
    National Director, Cornell Chapter, NRHS
    Life Member NMRA, NER, NFR,
    Danbury Railway Museum

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