Problems with the assembly.

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  1. leyh

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    Hi all.
    I'm new on this page and novice in this hobby.
    I wonder if you can help me, I have a problem with mounting the Millennium Falcon, I have no instructions and mount it I realized it was wrong.
    And for many laps you can not get to know of the order of assembly of some parts.
    I have the image of this evil, but not how to upload a photo.
    (sorry for the language, but I'm clumsy with the English and use translator)
    Thank you.
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    Pulse la tecla "Tab avanzada" en la "Caja de Respuesta" y subir tus fotos, a la vez, pulsando el botón "Administrar datos" adjuntos.
  3. leyh

    leyh New Member

    the disaster

    That is my Millenium Falcon disaster without instructions if y is not the appropriate paper is the first spacecraft to do, and I am ashamed to put the picture because he was that bad.
    I want to start again and would appreciate if anyone has step by step or instructions, that this ship is a challenge for me.
    I usually make are houses, castles, R2D2 and a guillotine type devices, etc, but I have no photos.

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  5. leyh

    leyh New Member

    It is impressive that millennium falcon ...
    Thank you.

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