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    I've got a problem that galls thr cr*p out of me. I have a beautiful picture of Shamus's work for wallpaper on my desktop. Now a "Freedom internet security and privacy service" blip about 2X4 is right over the middle of it. When booting up. a blurb would come on "do I want to start Freedom now?" Always NO. How can I get this thing off my monitor so I can have good model pictures for wallpaper? HELP!!!!!!

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    I don't know what version of Widows you have, but later version you should be able to go to "start/run" then type in "msconfig" That will give you a couple of lists of things that open during startup. Find "freedom" on one of the lists and remove the checkmark next to the name.

    If that doesn't work, there are a few other tricks, but start with this.

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    I would try in this order until something works:

    Try add/remove programs and see if "Freedom internet security and privacy service" is there, then remove it.

    You can run msconfig and select the tab to teh right "startup". There you might see something related to "Freedom internet security and privacy service" and uncheck it.

    Press ctrl + alt + del and see if you see it on the list of running programs, then shut it down if it's there.

    Search the web and aquire a program called adaware, run it and have it remove all the spyware on your PC, which this annoyance reeks of. This last one should be done, even if the anoyance has been removed by one of the other steps. If you can't find adaware, I'll help you.
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    ezdays and jon-monon, Hallelujah and joy to the world. I've got my good pictures back. I don't know much about nothin', and even less about computers. Thanks heaps fellas.

    If you ever need to know nothin about nothin, let me know, Im an expert on nothin.

  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Glad we both could be of help. I know nothin' about a lot of other stuff, and a lot about nothin' in particular, but we got lucky this time....


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