Problem when printing using Pepakura Viewer

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by arley86, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. arley86

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    Hello, I got a small problem, its the first time using this program, and all I want to do is print a downloaded work, the only problem is that it prints it of a different color (WAY different, as in, blue insteand of orange), and yes, I my printer works with other programs and still got enough Ink
  2. bf109

    bf109 Member

    helpfull solutions i got are:

    when printing let the printer stay on "normal "quality ( worked for me had the same problem when i printed it on high quality )

    and/or make it into a pdf first because printer software should handle that ( down and install pdf995s (its shareware so you get a popup when using it) push print , select printer in this case select pdf995 select location to save the file , push ok wait for the prog.. to finish and you got a pdf of the model , print that and maybe you got the right colors then )

    hope 1 of these work for you :wave:
  3. zealousy

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    more suggestions on the pdf; Cute PDF or PDF Creator. Both are free and a Google will point you where. Both these install a printer to your Printer list and will let you save a pdf copy instead of a hard copy when used. You can then even tweak the colours on Photoshop!

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