Problem even unfolding a 3DS cube in Pepakura?

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    Paul, ( not joe :) )
    your going to have to do some extra work on the scaling, your original box imported to metasequoia was so big it couldn't be viewed, which is why you needed to scale it at the import box. You will need to figure out a good import scale perhaps? I'm not sure on the maximum limits metasequoia can handle.
    Yes, pepakura does attempt to fit each model to the page so if you want to do a model in parts you have to enter the scale to specific size each time, after you unfold it. Always write the number down.
    If you need to pre calculate the scale size it's best to do a test cube of known size, that way when you unfold and scale to a specific size you can obtain the scale number by entering the size of the cube in 'cm'.
    pepakura does the 'cm' size based on height dimension of the model.

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    Big thanks again Keith:)

    The test cube to export alongside each part is a great idea which I will def be using.
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    :grin: SORTED:-D !

    Exporting the 3DS meshes as WaveFront obj files fixes the welding problem - hurrah!

    Not only that, but previously the 3DS files where being converted to triangles (even though the mesh is predominantly quads) in both Meta and Pep - With the Wavefront export there's an option to export in Quads or Polys which clears this up too:twisted:

    Major thanks to everyone for all the great info (esp Keith).

    Best regards


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