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  1. Millimodels

    Millimodels Member

    I was wondering if we have a place to put facts and enquiries about the history of paper models.

    In particular I'm interested in Micromodels and have found a few locations that give a fair amount of the history of them, but there are one or two gaps, like a complete list of the published models and projected designs that were advertised. For example, I have seen an image of a catalogue that showed an illustrarion of a horse and rider (presuambly in the humerous models catagory as it was next to the waiter figure that did not appear), and also a bulldozer (to follow on from the excavator?), niether of which I have heard described.

    At present I'm trying to work out the scales of the loco models with a view to re-scaling the ones that I build to a constant scale. I'm taking the largest dimension that I can rely on, usually the loco wheelbase length, and comparing that to the real thing. I shall have some questions to ask about the dimensions of locos that I'm not familiar with, particularly the USA and European ones.

    I'm happy to post what I can discover about this for general use but where should I put it?

    It would be nice to be able to post a complete list of Micromodels somewhere with dates of introduction etc. and I presume others would be able to do similar things for other manufacturers.

    Have I started something?

    Robin Madge
  2. cgutzmer

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  3. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Hi Robin,
    I have this list I got from a website I cannot find anymore. I do not know if it is complete, but it does have scarcity codes showing the availability of Micromodels origionals, it is outdated, but interesting.

    Also, for paper model history in general, try here.

    Scarcity codes: C - Common, S - Scarce, R - Rare, VR - Very Rare

    A I Pennsylvania & Canadian Pacific VR 6 cards Colour
    AC New York Central & Victorian Railways R 6 cards Colour
    ARC I Anne Hathaway's Cottage VR 6 cards Colour
    ARC II Dr. Johnson's House S 6 cards Colour
    ARC III Cripplegate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC IV Moorgate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC IX Bishops Gate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC V Aldgate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC VII Newgate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC X Aldersgate C 6 cards Colour
    ARC XII Tower of London C 12 cards Colour
    ARC XIII Shakespeare's Globe Theatre S 6 cards Colour
    ARC XIV Old London Bridge S 12 cards Colour
    ARC XV The Bull Inn Long Melford S 6 cards Colour Extra strip
    ARC XVI Guildhall, Thaxted S 6 cards Colour
    ARC XVII Windsor Castle R 10 cards Colour
    ARC XIX Houses of Parliament C 12 cards Colour Extra strip
    ARC XX Westminster Abbey C 12 cards Colour Extra strip
    ARC XXI Hampton Court Three part set A,B,C S 38 cards Colour 3 Extra strips
    ARC XXII St.Peter’s & Vatican C 12 cards Colour
    ARC XXIII White House Washington C 5 cards Colour
    ARC XXIV U.S. Capitol C 12 cards Colour
    AV I Brabazon and Comet R 6 cards Colour
    AV II Wright & Bleriot Planes S 6 cards Colour
    AV III Avro 707B and Canberra B Mk.2 VR 6 cards Colour
    AV IV C30 Autogyro, Bristol 173, Sikorski C 6 cards Colour
    BE Beam Engine R 6 cards Colour FC Floating Crane VR 6 cards B&W
    BD Breakdown Train R 6 cards Colour
    C I Beyer Garratt & New Zealand C 6 cards B&W
    C II Royal South African Train VR 6 cards Colour
    Donald Campbell’s Bluebird VR 4 cards Colour
    F I German State Railways & Paris-Lyon Med. Railway VR 6 cards Colour
    F II Santa Fe Loco & “Wm Crooks” 1861 S 6 cards Colour
    FB Festival of Britain VR 10 cards B&W
    H I Famous Historic Locos C 6 cards Colour
    HM Sterling Single & LNER 4-6-2 Pacific S 6 cards Colour
    HM II GWR Broad Gauge & King George V 4-6-0 C 6 cards Colour
    LS I Country Station, Bridge, Signal Box & Signals C 8 cards Colour
    LS II Loco Shed, Water Tower, Goods Shed S 8 cards Colour
    LS III Terminal Station VR 14 cards Colour
    M I Duchess class LMS, Lord Collingwood SR & Super Pacific LNER S 6 cards Colour
    M II Coronation class LMS & West Country SR CR 6 cards Colour
    M III Tank Engines and Goods Wagons C 6 cards Colour
    M IV Turbine Locomotive LMS & Schools class SR S 6 cards Colour
    MC1 BRM, GP Bugatti & 1903 Mercedes C 6 cards Colour
    NS I Lickey Banking LMS, Flying Scotsman LNER & Buddicom S 6 cards Colour
    NS II LMS Royal Scot 4-6-0, Horwich 2-6-0 & LMS 2-8-0 S 6 cards Colour
    NS III LMS 4P 2-6-4 tank, GWR 0-6-2 & GWR 4-4-0 Earl class S 6 cards Colour
    NS IV LB&SC 0-4-2 Stroudley tank, LSWR 4-8-0 tank & BR Standard Pacific S 6 cards B&W
    OW Oil Well, Cracking Plant & Tanker R 6 cards B&W
    PG I LB&SC Atlantic, LB&SC Gladstone and LNWR Princess Royal. C 6 cards Colour
    PG II MR Princess of Wales, GWR Atlantic & GWR City of Truro C 6 cards Colour
    PG III GER Claud Hamilton, LNWR Sir Gilbert Claughton & CER 2-4-0 Locomotive C 6 cards Colour
    PG IV LNWR Precursor, Caledonian Rly. Dunalastair & GER Single No.10 S 6 cards Colour
    PG V Royal Engine 2-2-2 Queen, GWR 4-2-2 Behemoth & LNWR 2-4-0 Hardwicke S 6 cards B&W
    PG VII GWR Great Bear, MR 4-4-0 Compound & GWR 4-4-0 Duke class C 6 cards Colour
    PG VIII LSWR 4-6-0 Drummond, LNWR Greater Britain & GNR Ivatt Atlantic C 6 cards Colour
    S I Six Little Ships C 6cards Colour
    S II HMS Vanguard S 3 cards Colour
    S III HMS Amethyst S 4 cards Colour
    S IV Cutty Sark S 6 cards Colour Special Paper
    S V HMS Victory C 6 cards Colour
    S VI Showboat Cotton Blossom C 6 cards Colour
    S IX Queen Ellizabeth & Mauretania C 8 cards Colour Extra Strip
    S X SS United States C 4 cards Colour Extra Strip
    S XI Canal Narrow Boat & Thamnes Barge C 6 cards Colour Special Paper
    S XIII Royal Yacht Bluebottle C 6 cards Colour Special Paper
    S XIV Two Lifeboats S 6 cards Colour Extra Strip
    S XV Maori War Canoe S 6 cards Colour Extra Strip
    Set no. 1 Mayflower C 6 cards Colour
    TO Threshing Outfit S 6 cards Colour
    TO II Mammoth Shovel Excavator C 6 cards Colour
    TOY I Happee Dracow C 6 cards Colour
    TOY II Putred C 6 cards Colour
    TR1 Trams R 6 cards Colour
    WM Old English Watermill VR 6 cards B&W
    WM II Old Essex Windmill VR 6 cards B&W
    X Six Coaches S 6 cards Colour
    X 2 8 Pre-Grouping Coaches S 6 cards Colour
    Modelcraft Models
    The Skylon : Festival of Britain S 2 cards Colour
    **Thames Tug “Power Driven Model” VR 3 cards Colour
    A1 The Romance of Sail - VR 6 cards Colour
    B1 British Fighting Ships - HMS Victory, HMS King George V, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Sea Lion, MTB102, HMS Cossack VR 6 cards Colour
    C1 Weapons of War - Matilda Tank, AA gun, AA Searchlight, Catapult launching gear, 14 inch gun turret, Torpedo VR 6 cards Colour
    D1 Tanks - Churchill, Crusader, Grant, American Heavy, Russian Medium, Bren Gun Carrier, Armoured Car VR 6 cards Colour
    *E1 Allied Fighter Planes - Spitfire, Defiant, Airacobra, Hurricane, Tomahawk, Thunderbolt VR 6 cards Colour
    F1 Fighter Bombers - Whirlwind, Beaufighter, Mosquito R 6 cards Colour
    G1 Heavy Bombers - Boeing Fortress II, Short Stirling I S 6 cards Colour
    H1 Flying Boats - Sunderland and Catalina VR 8 cards Colour
    J1 Stephenson’s Rocket - Engine, coaches, wayside station and track. C 6 cards Colour
    Queen Mary “Power Driven Model” VR 3 cards Colour
    Motor Cruiser “Power Driven Model” C 3 cards Colour

    Modelcraft - Large Single Sheet Models

    J1 AEC Monarch 4 Wheel Tank Lorry C Colour
    J2 AEC Matador 4 Wheel Cattle Wagon C Colour
    J3 AEC Matador 4 Wheel Heavy Van C Colour
    J4 Sentinel Steam Wagon C Colour
    J5 Leyland Hippo 6 Wheel Sided Lorry C Colour
    J6 AEC Mammoth Major 8 Wheel Platform Lorry C Colour
    **J7 Green Line Coach Type TF R Colour
    **J8 AEC Regent 4 Wheel Double Deck Bus R Colour
    J9 AEC-Weymann 4 Wheel Double Deck Trolley Bus R Colour
    Open-top Tram Car 1905 -green C Colour
    Open-top Tram Car 1905 - red C Colour
    Modern Double Deck Tram Car C Colour
    LNER Flying Scotsman C Colour
    SR Channel Packet C Colour
    LNER Sandringham B17 class C Colour
    LMS Cameronian C Colour LNER Class L1 C Colour
    Lord Anson C Colour
    LMS Diesel Electric Locomotive No. 10000 C Colour
    LMS Princess Royal C Colour
    Passenger Coaches C Colour
    **No.1 Track Card - 2 double straights C Colour
    No.2 Track Card - 2 double curves C Colour
    **No.3 Track Card - 2 cross-overs (points) C Colour
    **Track card - 3 single straights S Colour
    **Signal Cabin S Colour **Lineside Disused Coach S Colour
    **Railway Platform Fencing S Colour
    **SR Vestibule Car S Colour
    **SR Composite Coach S Colour
    Goods Rolling Stock C Colour
    Royal Eagle Paddle Steamer S Colour
  4. barry

    barry Active Member


    The MIII tank engines was my all time favourite, lord that was a long time ago.
  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thank you for posting such an extensive list, Phil!

    This category of models is one of my favorites and I have quite a few in my collection which I have scanned and plan on building in the near future. I like the idea of taking the Micromodel and using a scan to resize the models to a constant scale for display purposes...I checked the scales of a few of the Micromodel ship models and came up with a scale that seems to fit the HMS Victory, one of my favorites, which is 1/600. This scale would seem to work well for the sailing ships, although I haven't thought through the rigging size would be very small work indeed at 1/600, particularly if contemplating making ratlines on the shrouds, but they would provide a nice common size for all of the ships.

    As you know, the scale for most of the models was factored by figuring what size would fit the standard post card size sheet, so it varies for each model, at least with the ships. The larger ships, such as the passenger liners, would probably lose a bit of detail at 1/600 since they seem to be more in the area of 1/1000 or so. This is one of the reasons I have been rescaling the JSC line of ships from 1/400 to 1/600, because it provides more detail than if you upsized the Micromodel passenger liners. I have toyed with the idea of doing the JSC United States in 1/600 and building the Micromodel version at it's original scale for comparison...haven't done the math on the Micromodel version yet, but it might be smaller than 1/1000, in fact. I have posted my reduced version of the Wilhelmshaven build of the M.V. Krefeld, at 1/1000 scale, and believe other subjects can be similarly reduced to produce a very nice Micromodel effect. Of course, there is Sir Currell's very nice Titanic model recently offered as a free download that I think fits this genre very well. Being a lover of ships I would really like to see others designing Micromodel scaled ships, but for the time being I will have to rely upon the kits that are available in this scale or to resize those models from different manufacturers to a smaller scale to fit into this micro scale. Some of the 1/600 scaled ships I have built are a bit larger when done than one would expect for Micromodel, depending, of course, on the subject. Since the original Micromodel scale varied by subject to subject, the sole criteria being to fit the post card sized sheet, I figure that perhaps it is best to use 1/600 for the "smaller" sailing craft and 1/1000 or even 1/1200 for the larger more "modern" ships, to provide what I humbly consider to be the correct Micromodel effect. This is my, of course, my own thought about scaling. Any thoughts on what you consider to be the most "appropriate" scale for Micromodel ships?

    I think it would be a great idea if we could have a Micromodel top heading here to share our builds and info, they are a rather unique sector of the card modeling community. Luckily there are current models of this genre being designed and offered on the net, such as Micromodels USA, which is producing some unpublished kits that the original designer, Geoffrey Heighway, was contemplating but never produced. I'm sure you have seen their site, but here's the link:

    There are also a few sources for current models of architecture out there, such as the "Build your own Chicago" series:

    They offer a few free models for download on that site.

    There is also the fantastic railroard series by Ray Morris, which offers a few free downloads as well as other designs on CD:

    Then there is the latest site I came across, which I think is a Polish webpage, but I could be wrong. It offers a few free downloads of ambulance and building, but the real treat is taking a look at the builds on the "Modele" page, which you can access by clicking on the navigation button along the left side of the page:

    I would be interested in seeing the work of others in this genre and would respectfully suggest that the admins to create a Micromodel section to post messages and photos of these builds.

    Anyone else find any other webpages dealing with Micromodels that they would like to share?

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