Prisons and other punishment/ injunction institutions in H0?

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  1. TEP 60

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    Are any prisons or other punishment/ injunction institutions ever produced now in H0?
  2. caliban

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    German manufacturer Faller did a brick jail/prison as special edition in 1999, including light and sound effects, Preiser inmates, wardens and moving inmates on the prison yard. Price on eBay is somewhere around $200. Don't know about other kits. The two photos were taken at Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg, they used the Faller kit for their layout. With a few extra details and paint added.

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  3. tomd81

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    If you find the model that you want to use, Southern served a prision in Atlanta in the 1960's. The prision had their own trackmobile. There were over 150 carloads per year of inbound traffic. Below is a photo of the Sally port


    The above photo is from a article in Southern Railway Ties magazine

  4. Russ Bellinis

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    It looks to me like any number of big city buildings could be used as the basis for a city jail kitbash. Bars on windows could be bent up from brass wire and installed like grab irons only vertical instead of horizontal. If you have a prison in mind that is out in the country, you would still use a similar building with a perimiter wall around the excersize yard. It would have access restricted to a single drive in with a guard inspection shack for the entrance and exit.
  5. shaygetz

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    It wouldn't take too much modifying to make that look like the Baltimore Pen. Just flatten the roof and put a basketball court up there fully caged in with tulle.:thumb:
  6. jim currie

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    a prison shuold be gray and forborne one of the castle kits could be modified to make a prison will go in to yuma sunday and take a few pics of whats left of the Arizona terriorial prison at yuma . not some place that you would want to be in.
  7. Herc Driver

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    Maybe a school-type of kit would work...something that looks "institutional".
  8. MilesWestern

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    sign1 sign1 That's what School feels like some days! sign1 sign1
  9. viperman

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    This could be the industry that my layout is based around. I wanted a country feeling, so maybe a very isolated prison, next to the small village for wardens and various other employees. The prison on a large hill, with rail access via a tunnel to underground depot

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