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Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by JRSeese, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    I have downloaded a couple nifty models from generous websites, I just need to print the Adobe files. I have a DeskJet 710c color printer. From what I have read, I can print the sheets on 65# paper and be successful, pasting sections on thicker card as necessary.

    Are there any tricks for getting high print quality, printing paper sizes other than 8.5 x 11, avoiding running of ink, etc... I am really new at this facet as well and would appreciate any advice.

    I hear people talk about Photoshop, is it something I should invest in?

  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Well, if you want to have high quality, invest in a better printer than the 710,

    because you will get the odd idea of printing the kit on photo paper, and if you have an older generation printer, it will look kinda crappy

    running out of ink is something every paper modeler experiences

    As for Photoshop, you could, if you want to change a paint job on a model or change the size of something, you can use any graphic package for that too

    the option is up to you, and stick around, you might learn something :p

  3. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member


    You picked the right word, INVEST, when you mention Photoshop. It is very expensive; great program, but do you buy a Ferarri to take the kids to school? No. Unless you are a professional graphics artist and can get your employer to pick up the tab for it, there are loads of excellent software tools which will do everything you would need in terms of painting, recolouring, tweaking, rescaling, etc, at a fraction, or no, cost. Graphics packages come in two distinct flavours, vector and bitmap. You will eventually find both useful, but which ever you pick, spend some time getting to know how it works; like a grand piano, if you don't PRACTISE, it is just a fancy table to put a candelabra on. The piano, that is, not the software.

    Computer magazine cover discs are great places to find useful programs, often they give away last years version free with an upgrade offer to buy the latest version. You may well find the free one does all you want; and more, probably! Either way, you get to try it out for the cost of the magazine. Tutorials are available on the web, and ask on this forum, someone is bound to chip in with help.

    Ones to look out for include CorelDraw, (anything from version 5 onwards will be useful) Paint Shop Pro, ver 5 and onwards again) the Gimp, (free!), Serifs various programs, and others.

    Great to have you on board and do let us see how your models turn out.

    Tim (wunwinglow)

    PS Ron, can we host some suitable freebie programs on the site to get people up and running? Just a thought...
  4. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    A couple of other simple things, Josh. You can set your Deskjet to print different paper thicknesses and if you set it to size A4, it can print out the edges of stuff that will be cut off if you just leave it on the default 8.5x11 letter size. Also, have a look at the Links section at the top of the screen. Lots of good stuff there, such as the FAQ:
  5. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    Rick - Any recommendations for a specific printer or make / model line?

    Steve - A4 is slightly larger than 8.5 x 11, I take it? I have heard that nomenclature before in this field.

    Thanks for helping me to flesh out the forum!

  6. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Hp and Epson

    'nuff info for you?

    more than half of the members here have an Hp or Epson printer, i am one of the few that have one of each.

    but a trip to your local office supply or computer store would be in order for a printer education

  7. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member


    I've had an Epson 740 and now a C82, both of which suit me as they have shallow angle between the paper tray (45 degrees out the back of the box) and the output slot( horizontal out the front) The paper hardly gets bent as it passes through. These printers can take stock up to 1mm thick, which is brilliant for printing out frames etc. Check the maximumum thickness your printer will take. Some are very limited.

    Inkjets output much more robust images, most laser output (b/w and colour) will crack off the paper when you fold it. Colour permenance could be an issue, but modern inks are now quite good. Epson guarantee colours for years, if you use their paper; much longer than the life of a paper model, I suspect!

    We could poll the members, get some comments on printers.

  8. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    My shoddy Deskjet is an HP... :wink:

    Looks like I need to scrape together some more cash
    Thanks for the advice, all

  9. And here you thought card modeling was cheap!
  10. RichBohlman

    RichBohlman Railroad Card Modaler

    I use a Canon i560 color desktop printer. I have been very happy with both its color and graphics printing abilities. :)

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