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    I am sure this will have been asked before, but i cant find it in search. How do i print the PDF the size it is meant to be using a canon iP4300 A4 Printer?
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    To print at 100% in Adobe Reader, make sure you have Page Scaling set to "None" in the Adobe Reader Print dialog box. If the model you are printing is designed for A4 size then it should fit on the paper fine. If it's designed for Letter size or something larger, you may have trouble fitting it on the page at 100%.

    If it it won't fit on your A4 paper, you can sometimes make it fit by using the Marquee Zoom tool (magnifying glass) to zoom in on the just the parts you need to print, excluding the margins, for example. Click on "Current View" in the Print dialog box and make sure "None" is selected for scaling. Look at the preview and make sure all of the parts are in the printable area. Unprintable margin areas will be gray in the preview. You will need to do this for each page if it works. I've done this with the Yamaha models to print A4 sheets at 100% on Letter paper.


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