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Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by Ez2cDave, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Ez2cDave

    Ez2cDave New Member

    Which brands, models, and types of printers are best suited for printing cardstock models ?

    Thanks, in advance !

  2. thomaswg

    thomaswg New Member

    HP printers are the best for the simple reason that they use printer cartridges with the print head in the cartridge, so you can remove it and clean them very easily. Try this tip spray a few drops of Windex Glass Cleaner on the print head then wipe on a paper towel, then sray a few more drops on the print head but do not wipe oit off, just re install.

    The biggest avantage though is that the cartridges are a breeze to refill. Buy an ink refill kit and you can refill the cartridges up to a dozen times, saves big time when it comes to printing out lots of models too.
  3. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    I, myself have an HP, although I am appalled at its technical problems. Firstly, the printer won't respond to the computer--even when everything is plugged in. Secondly, the printer will hold up all the jobs in my print queue. :curse:
    The print quality is excellent, however! sign1
    Bryan "Opposite over Adjacent" Tan
  4. thomaswg

    thomaswg New Member


    I have experienced similar problems too. I have found that if you shut down your compouter completely, leave your printer on, then re start your computer sometimes that works. The problem comes in when you change cartridges the printer wants you to print out and test page and then click OK that everything is working properly. The problem is that i have a printer bit have yet to figure out exactly which Ok button they mean.

    You might also try this. Delete out the printer driver and then re install it. Still even with these problems the BIGGEST advantage is with the ink cartriges being able to be refilled many times. You can get ink refill kits on Ebay for a few dollars, you can even use plain old food coloring from the super market too, it sounds crazy but it does work great! Fore some reason my yellow always seems to run out first, and the blue seems to be the last to run out.

    Hope this will help

    Thomas in New Yok City
  5. desney

    desney New Member

    i use an epson t10 for almost a year now, installed CISS on it, so far it's been churning up kit after kit :thumb:

    just the right maintenance will do, whatever brand of printer you use...
  6. thomaswg

    thomaswg New Member

    If you are happy with a cartain tool then by all means use it! It is just that i have found Epson ink cartiridges to be more difficult to achieve good results once they have been re-filled, and becasue the Epson print head in not in the cartridge more suspetable to clogging up and not being able to be cleaned.
  7. Jef

    Jef New Member

    IMHO best is HP:thumb: I print many times in high-grade (HP2840) in my office :thumb: But it`s very very costly :nope:

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