printer help(cannon mp460)

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    im having some proplems getting my printer to print out a number of digital kits as it seems near impossible despite tweaking the settings to get kits to come out the correct color its more problematic with some kits than others for example which either comes out very dark brown sepia or a mustard yellow at the other extreme any ideas?

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    fixed i dont know if this helps anyone but i found the answer by turning off the icm the problem kits print properly

    wish i knew that before all that ink was wastedwall1

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    Printer Help (Cannon MP460)

    The simple way to solve your printer problem is, just uninstall your printer. Then restart your PC and reinstall your printer driver. I hope now your problem would be solved.

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    this printer has so many settings i overlooked this ive tried samples of all the kits giving my greif all come out as intended now thats what you get for not reading the instructions

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