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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Longbow, Feb 17, 2014.

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    It really is. This is a lifelong "keeper"!
  2. Longbow

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    Hi friends,
    I started with the rigging for the Prince.
    I saw some members of the forum do it with streched sprue, so I tried that too.

    Well, I do not know what I'm doing wrong but it did not work very well for me.
    Stretching the sprue was no problem, nice and thin threads.
    - the threads kept curving, even after letting them harden in a fixed stand
    - the threads broke frequently when appling them to the model
    - I could not get them long enough for the radio cables (> 25 cm)
    Still, being stubborn, I tried to work with them, see the first two pictures.

    After two evenings, I was not very impressed with the results...
    I do not know what I do wrong.. Any way, I had to do this in another way..

    So I had as discussion with the missus to select the thinnest thread in the house.
    She came up with machine thread (0.3 mm).
    In order to stiffen the thread and to make them straight I cut them to approx 1 meter, hung them with clips from a cupboard drawer and applied a coat of glue to them with my fingers. Clumsy maybe, but it worked
    I let them dry for a couple of hours, and started using them.
    I think the rigging is somewhat thick and so not completely in scale.

    However, it is the best I could do, so it has to suffice. See picture 3 and further..

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    You could make a jig, and apply Crazy glue, to the threads, that will stiffen them. You could also get very thin piano wire. You tie the piano wire to a very secure post, then take a five foot section, wrap the end around a stick, and pull on it, till you feel it"give'. What you have done is hardened the wire, then you cut, and put it where you need it. We used to do this for aircraft gauges we made, The little flag that drops down when the aircraft gauge goes bad is supported by wire stretched like this. :)
  4. Longbow

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    Hi friends,

    I've completed the front mast radars and some other small pieces.
    The bigger the model, the smaller the pieces it seems.
    Suddenly it appears that there are not very many pieces left [​IMG]

    I made the anchors and chains too.
    On various pictures of 'the real stuff' I noticed that the anchors were painted in camouflage colours.
    The picture with the sailors beside the anchor shows how huge these anchors were...

    So I painted them with these camouflage colours, weathering them a bit with gun metal.
    I hope the effect looks a bit like the originals.

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  5. Longbow

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    More pics of the anchors will follow when I can upload pics again :)

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  6. Longbow

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    Forgot one...

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    Wow!! Those anchors are outstanding!! This ship is beautiful! Looking at the flat pieces, and the finished part, boggles my mind. You got that perfect. :)
  8. Longbow

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    I thought it a good idea to :
    1. put some figures on the Prince to give an idea about the size of the ship in real life,
    2. to create a baseplate with 'water' to put the ship on.
    So I browsed the internet and chatted with friend to get an idea where to find ready made figures.
    Turns out there are 1/200 figures on the market. They are for a rail station, but what the heck, I can convert them, cant I :)

    So I got me three satchels of 1/200 figures, and put two on the deck. Unpainted as yet. So is the railing, that will come later.

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  9. micahrogers

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    wonderful, now painting those little fellers will be a different story...
  10. Longbow

    Longbow New Member

    Yes, the painting of these little guys will be a challenge.
    I will have to reshape them, create hats on them a.s.o.

    But, I started with the base plate, because adding these little details before putting the ship on the base plate will certainly present problems or damage...

    After creating the railings on the ship's sides I unscrewed the model from the build baseplate (see first post)
    I then took the maximum size from the showcase I made two years ago.

    It became clear that the width of the baseplate does not allow a very wide (or wild) sea. So I decided to create a fairly calm seascape where I could lower one of the planes using a crane. Also I can create one of the side stairs using the more calm sea.

    I cut out the baseplate from 8 mm MDF plating, and put on a base coat specially made for MDF. MDF is made using glue, so you'll have to basecoat it first else nothing will stick to it.
    I then drew the outline of the Prince on it, and decided where to place the ship allowing for the lowering of the plane into the water.

    I tried to create the water with plaster. In my mind it was too rough, so I sanded the plaster mith my thumb while the plaster still was a little wet.

    My wife helped me with the colours for the atlantic (I don't see colours very well) and painted the base plate in the basic colour.
    I will add accents using mixes with blues and whites later on.

    I then made the frame of the baseplate from wooden frames from the local DIY, and varnished the frame.

    Then the big moment: joining the ship (without the cranes because they are too fragile) to the baseplate.

    Next I will correct the joining of the ship to the 'water', filling it using play doh, and paint the water accents. But that is for later !

    CU next time ! Any tips : allways welcome !!

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  11. zathros

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    Ship models with tiny people on them really come to life. They give perspective, and your imagination does the rest. great idea!! :)
  12. Longbow

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    I tried to bring life to the water using the drybrush technique with lighter shades of the base colour. Lightened the original color it with blue and white pigments.
    The paints I use are from the local DIY, the flat brush as well. See the first pic.

    The second pic shows the first drybrush touch, the third the final touch.
    The last pic shows the colours in daylight. Strange enough the camera 'makes' the colours a lot more blueish than the colours I see with the eyeball mark one [​IMG]

    Added the cranes again, and started with the figures.
    I reshaped the figures with a cap or hat created with plasticine, cut off unwanted parts like travelling valises a.s.o. The female figures I could not use of course. Of the 200 figures I used some 40. Grouped around some parts of the deck and the superstructure.

    I saw a picture of a plane hanging from a crane and I decided to adopt this for the Prince, thereby creating a bit more lively model.

    Last was the nameplate :)
    When I created the nameplate and printed it I realised how short the PoW was in service :(

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    Some of those waves should have a thin line of white representing "whitecaps' given the size of the ship, many of those waves would, and certainly many that are touching the ship, though I could understand you reticence. If the ship comes right out, I would paint, in some lines at the crest, the white lines from the inside, when they came in contact to the ship. Those sailors really bring this beauty to life!!

    Congratulations!!, This is the "Next Model of Merit". Please post a pic you would want me to use for the front page, or a couple even!
  14. DanBKing

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    Congrats Longbow. A well deserved MOM. :Congrats::Bravo:
  15. spaceagent-9

    spaceagent-9 Right Hand Man and Confidant

    that's a lot of detail, good job!
  16. Longbow

    Longbow New Member

    You are so right, I should paint the contact points with the ship using more white or light blue/grey !
    Will do so asap, have to remix the paints. The missus is away (works for KLM so she is a lot of the time ooo, and she has got the 'colour' eyes :))
    Thanks for the suggestion, very useful.

    Dan, Spaceagent, Thanks for your compliments !

    I include some 'full' pictures. You've got all the detail pictures :)

    Thx for the MOM, appreciate it.
    Next model will be the 'Witte de With', a Dutch GM destroyer.

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  17. zathros

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    If a word I uttered added to this magnificent ship, I am overwhelmed! :)
  18. zathros

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    Please, give me a full length view? So I can Post a "Model of Merit" thread? :)
  19. Longbow

    Longbow New Member

    What kind of view do you want ? front/back/broadside ?
    Or a walk around ? The ship is more than a meter long, so I've got to take the pictures from some distance.
    Just gimme your 'wish list ':)
    I've got the dining table to put the model on, is that a problem ?
  20. zathros

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    Up to you, but a full top, and whichever side, full, you choose. I'll have a link to your thread. Make them big, and you can always crop them so you get just the ship. :)

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