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  1. mobster1227

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    hi guys i have a few items i dont know what they are worth i was wondering if there was a price guide online or one i could purchase. also i have American Flyer trains im looking to sell email or reply

  2. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    You bet there is. Greenberg revises its AF price guide every year; you can get it on Amazon. I believe McComas has an AF price guide too, but the Greenberg guide is the one most people follow. Just search Amazon for "Greenberg American Flyer 2005" and you'll get it.

    There's another book called O'Brien's Collecting Toy Trains, but it was last revised in 1999 so its prices are out of date. It's the most recent guide there is for some obscure makes, and it's the only toy train price guide my local bookstores carry, but for 1950s AF, you can do better.

    I don't know of anything online, unfortunately. Searching Ebay's completed listings is your best bet, but that'll only give you a rough idea of what something is worth.

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