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Discussion in 'Product Review Forum' started by Jac's Lines, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Jac's Lines

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    Having bought a number of sets of unpainted Preiser figures (HO scale) in the past, I have been frequently frustrated by the lack of information on which figures actually come in the packs. This is complicated by the fact that the photographs of the unpainted sets in various catalogs, including Walthers, are inaccurate.

    I would therefore like to begin a database of the unpainted sets, with cross listings to the prepainted versions of the figures (including the set name and Walthers part number). Hopefully this will be a useful resource for people interested in the unpainted figure sets.

    Please feel free to add posts on the unpainted sets not listed here. These are all HO scale, but lists from other scales would be useful too.
  2. Jac's Lines

    Jac's Lines Member

    Trades People (590-16326)

    00030 Road construction workers (2 sets)
    14146 Policemen era III (2 sets)
    00042 Lumberjacks (2 sets)
    14131 In front of a hotel (2 sets)
    00035 Sewer/road construction
    00050 Women hanging laundry
    00062 TV/Movie crew
    00105 Steeplejacks
    10033 Track gang with tools
    10052 Vendors (figures only, 2 sets)
    10053 Food vendors (figures only, 2 sets)
    10337 Market stall (figures only, 2 sets)
    14130 Mechanics
    14149 Cleaning crew
  3. Jac's Lines

    Jac's Lines Member

    Figures and Animals (590-16327)

    14160 Shepherd and sheep (2 shepherds and dogs, 1 set of sheep)
    00040 Farm workers 1
    14129 At the mill
    14162 Goats and pigs
    This set also includes a large number of unidentified figures
    2 cows
    2 calves
    1 draft horse with harness
    1 draft horse without harness (eating)
    2 show horses
    2 ponies with harnesses
    1 running horse
    4 wheel cart
    2 wheel cart
    2 seated drivers
    Family (in Alpine dress, includes mother holding child, man, little boy and girl, old man, old lady, and small spaniel)

  4. Jac's Lines

    Jac's Lines Member

    At the Goods Shed (590-16348)

    00016 Deliverymen with loads
    10255 Deliverymen
    10294 Stock workers
    17107 Forklifts, pallet movers, wooden handtrucks (no wheelbarrows or metal handtrucks)
    Assorted crates, barrels and sacks
  5. Jac's Lines

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    Sport and Leisure (590-16346)

    10076 Joggers and Badminton Players (Not in Walthers, but identical to nscale version, 70976)
    10074 Rollerskaters and Skateboarders
    10078 Tennis players
    10211 Fun at the beach
    10231 Golfers
    10249 Divers
    10253 Balloon crew and spectators (not in Walthers; consists of two men with arms raised, several people looking up, and a man with a camera)
    10290 Wanderers/hikers
    10296 Backpackers
    10306 Swimming People
    10307 Children at Pool
    10308 Children/Teens at Pool
    10309 Bathers (note: these figures are clearly buck nekkid, which is different from the picture in Walthers)
    10500 Horses and riders 1
    10501 Horses and riders 2
  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Glad you are able to sort out things for the HO figures.

    When you posted this, it reminded me of my experience with a set of N scale Preiser figures I got through Walther's. Just having been listed as "unpainted sitting/standing figures", on sale for around fifteen bucks, I added them to an order I placed a few months ago. It turns out they were only in two different poses with no varitations and the figures were in three parts and had to be assembled. There was no detail to them, like they had to be dressed as well.:oops: I had no idea what I'd ever use them for until the kitbash challange came along. I mixed up the body parts (sitting arms with standing legs), painted them all green and they became the star LGM of my diorama submission.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    There's no way that I would buy unpainted N scale figures again. I love working in N scale, but I draw the line there.:D
  7. nachoman

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    how about the model power bag of unpainted figures? I am curious as to how they look...

  8. santafewillie

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    This is an excellent idea Jac(?). I have painted over 600 of the Preiser figures but I have discarded the boxes and dumped the sprues into a "figure box", about 250 more. I do still have the information for set # 16343, Passers-by, Spectators. Here it is:
    0181 7-children with optional backpacks (2 of these)
    00216 6-standing adults with positionable arms (2 of these)
    00284 5 adults, 1 child walking (2 of these)
    0171 6 adults standing, cool season clothing
    10326 3 two-person clusters walking, 2 with children
    10258 7 young (20ish) ladies, 3 with positionable arms (2 of these)
    10325 3 clusters people heavily dressed (2 of these)
    10291 7 standing and walking young adults (2 of these)
    10302 8 total persons standing, 3 clustered, some children (2 of these)
    10301 6 total persons, 1 child, 2 photographers with positionable arms
    10259 6 persons standing, looks suitable for outdoor BBQing
    0188 6 heavily dressed persons standing
    00116 6 m/f persons in business attire walking
    I enjoy the Preiser lines of people. I have modified only about 15 of them but see some future possibilities. I recognize the #16326 set that you listed, it's one that I have purchased. Some of the other individual sprues have come with other sets I have, the the 10309 bathers certainly stands out. I will add to this database in the future.

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