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    I want to order a few sets of Preiser figures, but before I do I want to know something. There's a set called "different professions" (which if I'm not mistaken features a sailor and some cops) and I'd like to know if those figures are in the "Passengers and passers-by" unpainted set. Also, exactly what kind of figures are included in that particular set?
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    George thanks for this link there is some excellent info on it. I'm looking for some troubleshooting help with a Fleishmann product can anyone give me someone to try? I tried the guy in California and got nowhere. It would have cost me a small fortune in shipping just for him to take a look. I live in NJ so someone I could drive to would be best,thanks Pat.
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    Pat - why not start with a new thread describing the product and the problem? You have some pretty sharp people here who may be able to guide you or direct you to another resource if they understand what's wrong with what. ;)
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    George - good link.

    The best bargains are unpainted figures. IMHO anyone can learn how to paint them better than factory by deburring htem and following Bryan Fayle's method of painting LPB's. Parts of his recent portable layout are shown here:

    You can see my early attempts follwing his methods here:


    A couple of precautions on mail ordering Preisers sets. They are great sets, but their descriptions are not always clear, and I would advise ordering from your LHS if possible so they can be examined before purchase. My surprises have always been pleasant, and I got more than I expected, but there have been reports of them being out of scale (esp. N scale at 1:200, said so on the box, not in the descriptions). The stated number of figures should be taken with a grain of salt. I ordered Figures & Animals Walthers Part # 590-16327, and although very pleased with the package, it had half hte figures stated. I would order it again and is a great set. It includes wagons and tools that were unexpected. The wagons and tools are appearantly considered figures. What I'm getting at, is they are great sets, but you may not get what you expect, so if you are spending more htan you care to loose, make sure they are returnable.


    I'm not a skilled painter. I can not paint anything on canvas or anything like that. These are done essentially with a dry brushing technique. If you can dry brush, you can do this. I actually modify Brians technique, and if anyone is attempting this, I am happy to explain.
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    That's a good piece of advice. Has anyone ordered the set I mentioned earlier? what can I expect from that one?
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    Charles, what I know of them comes from the three unpainted sets I bought, tradesmen, spectators and passengers + passersby. There was some repeated figures in the spectators one, about 10%. There were alot more seated folks in the passersby set then I really needed and I couldn't use as many of them. The tradesmen and spectators were the most useful for my work. I have about 50% of the "different professions" set from a box lot I got. The next one I'll get is the carnival set.

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    You guys' LPB look great. Fred
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    Do you run any passenger trains? If so , detail the interiors of the cars and fill them with passengers.
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    I'm good, Russ,...but not that good ;)

    My varnish will always carry nuthin' but air :p
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    I did buy the Preiser Un-Painted Seated people set. I just roughly painted them and didn't really do any detail work on them. I figured that looking through the windows of a passing passenger train, you weren't really going to see much.Some that I used for sitting on park benches, I did take the time to detail paint them.
    I like the Prieser sets. They do give you a lot of extras, that aren't advertised in the write ups. They are a little pricey..Try some of the Woodland Scenics figures. They are more reasonable, and have fun details added. An overwieght cop eating a donut, a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.
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    Pat - certainly you'll get more views with a new thread asking for help. What if the person with the answer never reads track planning or is not interested in LPB's?

    If you post it in technical, then I can move it to HO, leaving a link and it will effectively be in both places at once.

    I forgot to mention the other cheap and reasonable quality sets:

    model power 490-5772 Figure Sets -- Set of 72 Unpainted Figures HO 7.50
    Sale: 5.98

    Several of each figure, but your getting a dozen for a buck at the sale price. I scanned and posted this set when I bought one, if you can find it :D

    Circus Craft 220-1025 Seated Poeple-Assorted (Men & Women) -- Unpainted HO 7.95

    There are many repeats here, all sitting. 3 men and 3 women, but there are tons of them. These are good for practice, or to fill a passenger car and not much else. You get variety by painting them different colors. You can see them in my photo contest entry this month:

    Two on the yellow critter and one in brown on the film advance on the Argus C-2, for those versed in Argus C-2's :D

    I probably would not have bought that set, except I thought it would be like the very configurable O scale set with positionable arms and replacement heads. The O set is truely a bargain, but again, all sitting.

    Truckers & Cab Drivers is a good set for filling your loco's as they come pre-amputated and some have positionable arms. There are some standing and also includes the infamous "Trucker showing his arm pit hair to his buddies" that every layout needs (top row, 3rd from the left):


    Also, check out the Preisers this month, as they are on sale, about 5 bucks off the big sets:

    16325 Unpainted Figure Set -- Railroad Personnel & Travelers HO 24.99
    Sale: 18.98

    16326 Unpainted Figure Set -- Trades People HO 24.99
    Sale: 19.98

    16327 Unpainted Figure Set -- Figures & Animals HO 24.99 Y

    16328 Unpainted Figure Set -- Sitting People HO 24.99
    Sale: 18.98

    16329 Unpainted Figure Set -- Firemen w/Accessories HO 11.99 Y

    16335 Assorted Unpainted Figures -- Truckers & Cab Drivers HO 10.99
    Sale: 8.98

    16337 Unpainted Figure Set -- Passengers & Passers-By HO 24.99
    Sale: 18.9
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    It really isn't that difficult. You don't need to do a lot of fine detailing. The windows of a typical passenger car are so small, that you can't see a lot of detail inside. Just put a partition in the interior of sleepers. You can buy cheap seats from Pike Stuff, and cut them up with rail nippers and glue them in place. Then just paint up your people and glue them to the seats. The only part of a passenger car that I've seen that needs some decent detailing is the inside of a dome car. For my dome car, I used the Rivarossi dome interior. It didn't fit my Concor dome, but I painted shades on the inside of the lower windows to hide the bottom of the dome interior, and then painted it and put in people. Coaches don't need any partitions, just put in the seats and people it.
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    He he, normally I don't feel satisfied with a passenger car until it's fully carpeted, upholstered, lighted and populated!
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    These figures are so popular, you sometimes spot the same "character" on several layouts. I also remember the fat trucker sitting, the man in jumpsuit and hat that's leaning on something, the standing sailor, and the engineer with a lunchbox.
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    I saw them in O scale too at a show LOL. Everytime I see that guy, I think he's saying, hey guys, see any hair yet?
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    Thot you might like to see the tradesmen set (#16326). Four or five sprews are dups and not shown. Can you find "Trucker showing his arm pit hair to his buddies" wife?

    The greyish things are TV camera equipment, I guess that's a common trade.

    Also there is one spru of Nazi soldiers, or what I perceive as such.

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    From the box

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