Pre-shaping hull skins

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  1. mellotronage

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    As I'm very much a novice, I gotta ask this. I've read of pre-shaping ship's verticle hull skins prior to adding them to outside of hull baffles/egg crate assemblies.
    I purely going with guess work on this, but....
    Does this usually involve measuring contours on the egg crate and correlating these measurements onto the hull skins, and thereby adding the proper contours onto the skins via a dowel?
    Does that sound about right, or am I over simplifying this?
    I'm guessing that this part of assemly must be the make-or-break of a good looking model ship.
    The kits I've done in the past were 1:500 freighters, where the hull contours were minimal. (the kits are 7 or 8 inches long) Now that I'm building a 1:400 Schreiber VATERLAND kit, this is a bit different, ( kit length of 29 inches) ESPECIALLY around the stern.....
    Thanks for any help or suggestions!~ Craig
  2. barry

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    Basically it is just dry fitting, use a fairly large roller (1/4") and try and get the sides to fit with no glue it's mainly the bow and stern the idea being you can put the glue top and bottom with maybe a spot or two in between.
  3. B-Manic

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    a good tip I got from Barry was to work from both ends (bow & stern) towards the centre. Any gaps will appear in the middle where straight cuts of colour scraps will easily fill-in.

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