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  1. c wiseman

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    Can anyne point me to a company, or individual that produces models from the Pre Dreadnought era of naval warfare

  2. paperboy

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    predreadnought models

    Hi Wiseman

    Jsc makes a model of the Wien and Radetsky, both are Austrian pre dreads. GPM makes a Japanese battleship. Golden bear has made a French lt cruiser and a British pre dred Battleship. The Russian company Orel has Pobieda, a sister to Romans(Digital Navy) Oslabyaas well as the Retvisan, which was built in the U.S. for Russiaa. There are several versions of Apraksin which was a predred coastal battleship. And Maty Modelarz has other ships, most notably Potemkin. Theres alot to choose from. I'm working to convert Promodels Apraksin coastal BB to its look as the HIJNS Okinoshima which served in the Japanese Navy during WWI after being captures from the Russians during the Russo-Japanese War.

    Hope this helps

    The Paperboy
  3. Renaud

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    " Goldenbear " recently issued the French battleship Iéna, whose builsing report is currently online on Apart from these, the RN Victoria is available, as well as the French cruiser Lavoisier, in two colour schemes. All of them may be ordered as downloads from Gremir models or directly from the designer himself.
  4. c wiseman

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    Paperboy and Renaud, thanks for the information. I don't know why this era of ships is so under modelled. I think they have beautiful lines and make stunning models.


  5. Renaud

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    You'll find it at

    Another building report is in process at

    Since you are interested in thes odd ships, look at the ships " goldenbear " attempted at recreating, and enjoy what could be a whole paper fleet to build.
  6. Renaud

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  7. Emanuele

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    Just to be a little nationalist,

    Modelik produce the RN Duilio, one of the most advanced battleship of the period (1880's).
  8. xrysaetos

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    There are quite a few commercial models out there, especially of the Russian and Japanese fleets.
  9. legion

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    Etsutan has several small scale predreads and this as well: ITSUKUSHIMA
  10. sailor return

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