Prairie Grain Elevator

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  1. silverw

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    Hi All

    JonezKoral Paper Models

    A Paper Model Prairie Grain Elevator

    in HO scale, at:

    Click the "JonezKoral" logo
    Download links are near the bottom of the info page.

    PS....If you get a "bandwidth exceeded" message, just hit your browser 'back' button and try the 'Alternate Download' link.
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    Re: Grain Elevator

    Hi Bug
    Only thing is, if you link directly to that download page, miss the background info page could run into a "bandwidth exceeded" and be at a dead end, because missed the "alternate download" link, and missed the link to the instuctions

    ....Other than that .... :oops:
  4. Bikerpete

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    Yup, You are right.

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