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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by RodentMaster, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    I stumbled across a BSG TOS shuttle free card model from my usual plastic model forums. That got me curious if there was a viper kit out there. I like the sci-hi and black sun viper resin kits but they're too expensive (by far!!) for my regular modeling budget. I managed to stumble across this forum, and am very glad I did.

    I found a number of BSG card models on these forums I would like to have on my display shelf and hope to build them eventually.

    As far as background, I used to make paper models but without plans. When living in small places as a kid and without any money for model kits I at times make Star Trek ships (basics, I-frame internal braces, circles for the saucers, cones for the shapes, engines, etc). I did them as I needed them. I planned them out only so far as my young mind could, figuring what parts I'd need and drawing/cutting them out. Again, very very primitive, but it gave me the paper handling experience and it fed my imagination and my modeling itch.

    I'm an avid plastic model builder (aircraft mostly, modern and WW2), but I don't discriminate.

    So I was explaining: I ran across these forums, and found Jay's Viper Mk.II kit. It's not without issues. The instructions are very basic and not helpful in regards to several questions I had while building the thing. However, I managed to get through it. I don't think the wings (or maybe it's the engine pods?) are correct because the wings are angled too high, are too wide, and don't have the proper anhedral.

    However, you can't argue with results!! Here's a Viper model in what apears to be 48th scale, and it didn't cost me $80 USD for a resin kit!!

    Halfway through:

    Wings dry-fitted:

    Completed pics


    (this angle makes it look just like the ones on the show!)


    I know it pales in comparison to what some folks can do in here. This is the first paper model I've done in probably 10 years or more. I wanted to practice. My work printer is a color laser but it's been flaky and I didn't have color, so black and white it is.

    It's xerox paper with some common sense and some carefully cut popsicle sticks inside the wings and vertical stabilizer to keep them square and to allow me to handle the model by holding onto the rear fin. It turned out that popsicle sticks were already the perfect (absolutely perfect) thickness to simply slip inside the hollow wing assemblies.

    Now I just need to get this down to 1/72nd so I can line it up on my model shelf with my plastic gear! I'd also like a small stand for it, but that can wait.
  2. Elliott

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    Nice job, especially for your first time!! Welcome to our little corner of the world. It keeps (most of) us (in)sane.
  3. ThunderChild

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    Greetings and welcome RM! Very nice build! :)
  4. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    nice frakking work done!!!

    i did my same Vipermk2, but with less creases to simulate smooth lines. am working on a BSG blackbird stealth viper by the same author as the mkII.

    its a little too gray, not balck, lacks some engine detailing, some minor frak-ups, but going along fine.

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