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  1. MRCA

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    My wish is the Chernobyl P.P. reactor 3 and 4 prior the disaster. Of course many can say: Do it yourself man!
    I had a look at the pepakura and metasequoia... Well... I'm a builder - be a creator, that's another matter :mrgreen:.
  2. seti51

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    I have something you may be interested in. There was a promotional reactor kit available back in 2004 that I was finall able to locate and buy. It is the AEV reactor in Finland. I have started cutting out the pieces, but can scan everything for you and send it to you. It is 1/350th scale. I also have a 1/800th scale of the same reactor. If you are interested, email me: tsetialpha5@sbcglobal.net
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