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    HELP. I built a Walthers 'Northern Light & Power' structure and was planning to put it in an industrial area near the freight yard, but it is a big building and would look better next to a large rock formation in the vacinity of a coal mine . Soooo, were power plants ever located near a coal mine and have coal delivered directly via coal shafts?. If so, did the shafts come into the side of the building or thru the roof or is there a better scheme?
    Thanks, Jim
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    The Texas Municipal Power Agency's power plant in Carlos, TX was until fairly recently fueled with lignite coal that was mined across the highway. They had a conveyor belt that ran from the mining operation, under a highway bridge and up to the power station. I believe that the station was later converted to use anthracite, which they ship by train (BNSF) from Wyoming. Here are some links that might be useful:

    http://terraserver.microsoft.net/im...6&z=14&w=2&ref=P|Carlos, Texas, United States

    The second link is an aerial photograph of the plant. Extending from below the center to left of center at the bottom (make sense? :)) is the conveyor. The conveyor is no longer there. I think that the mine has been closed. The mine was run by Navasota Mining.
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    Thanks for your help and photo links. I've decided to move the power plant to the foolhill of a mountain thereby bringing the power plant to the coal mine instead of hawling the coal to the plant. Take care, Jim
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    So, Jim, what are you going to do with those 300 scratch built and super detailed coal hoppers now?
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    Hi David,
    The good/bad news is that I'm still building up my rolling stock. I have a large layout which includes many mines and a seaport, sooooo there will be plenty of rail activity.
    Take care, Jim

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