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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by weerd1, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Hello- I have a quick question for anyone who can help me. I have been doing trains for a little while now, but I move a lot so most of it is in boxes waiting for me to retire. I would like to do a small modular layout that I can take apart easily. I have been using Power-Loc track for a while, but not much more than the standard oval. I was wondering if anyone knew what the radius measurement is on the Power-Loc switches? I am using software to play around with possible layouts so I can buy what I need, but the program I'm using doesn't include Power-Loc. I want to figure out the right substitute switch to use in planning.

    I know Power-Loc isn't as versitile as flex track, or even normal sectional, but I am really just looking to do an Inglenook variant I can break down and put away. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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    To say the least and I've tated this so many times on this site that I have lostcont and many can vouch for me on that but Power-Loc & EZ track is trash. Not even worth wasting a dime on. Their switch's are very unreliable and can't handle 6 axle locomotives because they are pretty sharp. I think they range in a #3 to a #4. These switchs can easily be split and it won't take long before you start pulling your hair out over it. For as much as you pay for 2 of those you could buy 1 nice switch to the size of your liking and still have a little money left.

    If your trying to nail it down and make it permanent then you definitely don't want that junk. Trying to install a joint track would just..... ugh. Flex track would be your best bet. All you would really need for it is a dremal tool with a cutting wheel to cut the track to any custom length you want and it's easy. Sorry if I'm coming off in a bad way but I'm try to save you from making a decision you more than likely will regret sooner or later. I did it. after 4 years of use the plastic has gotten weak and the rail is breaking away from it. I kept the track just so I could keep an eye on what happens to the track as it age's and is induced to different tempatures and conditions. A note to everyone.

    Don't use the snap together roadbed track. The stuff is horrible and good for nothing more than child's toys.
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    I use the powerloc as well, and i've used the rts (atlas right track) software and i just use the atlas library, and i use the at-540 for a good standing for the powerloc switch. So far so good and i haven't had much issue using it to layout my track before i put it down.

    I like powerloc becuase it's great for my kids, and i can have a layout running while i work on the regular traks that take more time to setup. I work alloooot!!! And it is difficult to find the time to devote to setting up all that snap/flex track on roadbeds etc ... so i have made an investmetn in a good bit of powerloc AND regular snap/sectional track. So my kids are happy, they get to play "chooo choooo" and i'm happy becuase my kids are happy, not only that but they leave me alone while i setup my regular track hahaha.

    I've seen pictures of powerloc done up to look great!

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