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  1. WM-N-fan

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    What engines go through your home town?

    We have CSX GP-40-2, AC6000, AC4400, B-23-7, GP-38, and SD-50 and RDMT's. They pull locals, interchange, coals drags, and 4 daily mixed's to and from Baltimore. In January the Tropicana Juice train and 2 intermodal trains will be added to these lines. NS has SD-80MAC's, SD-70's, SD-60's, GP-60's, C-40-9W, C-44-9W, C-40-8, SD-40-2, GP38AC, pulling 200 car mixed freights, locals, intermodal, interchange, and coal.

    W&W, a shortline has GP-10's and GP-9's. They have trackage rights on an NS owned line, pulling 20 cars or so.

    MMID, another shortline operates on CSX tracks down from their tracks on the mountain. They have GP-9's and GP-38's pulling about 25 cars.

    W&LE, yet another shortline, occasionally comes in with about 50 cars on CSX track when they have an opening. They have
    SD-45's and GP-38's.
  2. railohio

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    Right now, the Maumee & Western uses two engines on this end of the line, an ex-Santa Fe choped-nose GP7 and an ex-Burlington Northern high-nose GP18, both still in their former owners' paint.
  3. tomfassett

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    With the UP and BNSF both in residence in Phoenix, just about anything comes through.
    The UP has a couple of local jobs, one site in Tempe, one sits in Mesa, that usually have a couple of GP40-2s, although both of these have been the final haunts of the SP GP38-2s. I noticed the other day that the Tempe job still has an SP painted GP38-2 sitting in the industrial park.
    The UP actually uses an SD45 for a yard switcher in Phoenix. This used to be the stomping grounds of nothing but SW1500s.
    On the BNSF (Mobest Yard) the switching is usually done by a GP40-2 or even a GP35. There are still GP30s hanging around in ATSF paint (BNSF markings). The whole BNSF roster makes it here at one time or another. Everything from Dash 9s, to GP60Bs to GP30s.
    Unfortunately, both yards in Phoenix are small and it is very hard to find public access for viewing.

    Tom F
  4. rockislandmike

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    Well, I live in Canada, so I never see US roads, but see plenty of CN and CP. The yard twelve blocks from me uses CP Rail GP9's for the most part.

    The CN mainline cuts through the north part of the city, and usually features AC4400's (I'm pretty sure that's what they are, anyways). Also see frequently CP mainline units (MAC's) southbound and northbound from the yard.
  5. Jack Doran

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    Being here in Galesburg just about anything comes through on the BNSF. We are seeing lots of Dash 9's through the most. then we have SD 9's switching in the huge classification yard.

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