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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by SteveInBama, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. SteveInBama

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    I'm a new guy - needing more info on what track block configuration/power districts would be best for an "L" shaped layout with two parallel HO tracks. (total layout length 21'long x 5'wide, 1 dbl xover, and later, 1 reverse loop). I expect to use Digitrx Super Chief,5amp - DT400- with only 4 loco's - ...potential later expansion. Part of my concern is ease of operation/trouble shooting/simple wiring design ... And how many boosters I should plan in my initial layout design.

    Will a "better" configuration of boosters and blocks help to ensure everything else does not stop &/or... it will be protected when there a problem?

    I'm using the 3 basic MRR books as basic guides DCC Made Easy / Projects / Guide. --- but learning a lot from this forum.

    Thanks for any tips or specific references.
  2. Jim Krause

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    I'm not sure that there is enough info in your post for someone to help. Can you provide a track plan. With DCC you have different requirements than with the older DC block system.
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    I'm starting fresh with DCC. -- purchasing Digitrax and building the benchwork now. Sorry, I don't have a digital layout plan to attach but it is essentially two parallel "L" shaped tracks /circuits with the double crossover/connector of the two parallel track lines, on the longer leg of the "L". Perhaps the term "power district" is more accurate as I do not plan to run any older DC. My question, said another way, is it better to keep the inside and outside tracks on seperate boosters and blocks/power districts -- or to divide the track in blocks at the ends/halves of the L (upper leg and lower leg) by blocks? The total circut distance of one track/line is about 30'. I plan to use mostly Atlas 100 36" flex track, snap remote turnouts. I expect to require only limited aux stationary power /lighting but run new diesel locos with lights and sound.

  4. 60103

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    With 4 locos, you probably don't need power districts. I might consider sectionalizing bits of it for trouble shooting. What would be a consideration is where you may be running several locomotives in a section.You might make separate sections of the loco depot, the yards, and mainlines, if you have heavy grades that will need 4 powered units to climb. In fact, if you plan events like 2 big trains with 4-unit diesels running on opposite mains, you might wire each main as its own power district.
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    On my layout I plan to isolate each main line into its own power district as well as my industrial area. More specifically I have a Digitrax Zephyr and each district will be separated by a circuit breaker which will indicate a short with an LED on the circuit board. Tony's Trains has multiple quantity circuit breakers 1,2,4 and a reverser CCA. I got the reverser for my wye module and have yet to be disappointed by it.
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    Thanks all, The tips and the great references will save me a lot of grief. Rogerw, that on line video clip page -- Model-Trains-Video.com -- is really helpful.
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    Glad it helped Steve.

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