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    Here are some pictures of my trip into town today, here are the ones from the potash terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick, these storage barns are massive

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    a few more, this old road switcher was a noisey one, it is owned by the pot ash company, they unload each car in the small "barn" then it is stored in the large storage barns where it is then transported onto ships by the convayers, the potash cars are brought from Sussex to Saint John by Canadian National.

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    and here are a few more, the CN SD75i and SD50 are preparing to haul some empty cars to Sussex to be filled, I believe the GP9u is used as a switcher

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  4. daboonk

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    here is a picture of the old train station in Rothesay

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  5. Matthyro

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    Very interesting photos DB. The only potash mines I was aware of are in Sakatchewan. Is this just a storage area. Where does the potash come from and where does it go from here. The reason I am interested is because I have a potash mine on my model railroad.
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    we have looked at your potash mine on your layout, its very impressive, we are now working on a mine for our layout. The mine is in Sussex, New Brunswick. They also mine salt which is also shipped out of Saint John to the eastern US as road salt. The potash is shipped to all parts of the world including China. The trains go by my high school and are usually pulling about 40 cars. As far as i know there are over 300 employees at this mine. It can produce 785,000 tonnes of potash and 650,500 tonnes of salt. They are mining 2,300 feet below the suface. 150,000 tonnes can be stored in Sussex and 200,000 tonnes in Saint John. Sussex is the home to many of the Atlantic Canada dairy farms.
    Hopefully i will be able to get some pictures of the mine and the trains between.

    check out this site for more info http://www.potashcorp.com/potassium/operations_map/new_brunswick/index.zsp
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    wow, ive never seen those sized storage barns
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    Wow, very impressive!!! One thing that strikes me is how easy it would be to model those covered conveyors - a lot more so than the open type ones anyway.


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