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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Charles Mark, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Charles Mark

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    I need some help with how to post pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words but I am new to this computer stuff thus handicapped. Please give me some simple how to's, please. Thanks
  2. Ray Marinaccio

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  3. Dave Flinn

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    Not a "how to" but a "why". Some pictures that are posted show up so that I don't have to scroll across the page to view them, while others require scrolling, maybe as much as five photos across the page. Is this due to the way they are posted, or is it something in my computer? If it is the former, I'd like to urge all picture posters to use the method that puts them vertically rather than horizontally. It makes for lots easier viewing (and enjoyment) that way. Thanks, and maybe someday I'll get brave enough to post some.
  4. N Gauger

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    Are you talking about the 2" X 1" attachments? if there are 5 across in that little window, that's just how the system loads them in.

    If you are talking about full sized pictures - then it's the way the poster is formatting them. When posting multiple links - you should insert the link into your post - then hit enter - then post the next link.. etc...
  5. yellowlynn

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    Charles, I have had many difficulties in the past and finally figured it out. I don't know much, so everything will be simple. Question: do you have "paint" in your computer? If not, disregard this. Right click on picture, then left click on -open with-, click on paint, and you'll get part of a humongous picture. Up top, click on "image", then click on "stretch and skew". here use trial and error. Where it says 100 try 30 in the 2 size boxes and OK. That brings the pic down to manageable size. If it is less than 640X480, you got it whipped. If not, go either way from that 30. Sometimes pics are different sized and hard to judge.

    I hope this helps. Even now it sometimes takes me a couple times before I get it right to post.


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