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Discussion in 'Model History & Reference' started by ct ertz, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Hello, thank you all for letting me participate in this great forum. I am new to card modeling, and so far I have built a real simple Monitor and Digital Shipwrights CW Mortar raft, both in 1:250 scale. I have a lot to learn!

    Any how, I want to make some Civil War era Monitors, both as how they looked during the war and as they looked in there post war recommissioned appearance. I guess I would just buy two of the same models and go for it, but I can not seem to find any of the improved monitors. I can find many models of the original USS Monitor, but nothing on the later ones.

    I do have many web sites bookmarked with photos and drawing of Improved Monitors, both during the Civil War and the same ships after during the Spanish American War. I can tell that some additions were added to the monitors and in some pics it looks like the armored decks were decked over with wood, much like WW2 battleships.

    This forum has been a great help so far, but has anyone else found anything about the improved monitors? Thanks,
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