Post "Current Shots" of Fallen Flag Freight HERE:

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by UP SD40-2, Jul 5, 2008.

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    Here's some more...

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    Even more...

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    And lastly, SOME MORE... I was cropping, resizing, and uploading today, discovered there were still left over shots from April that I have not edited... :thumb:

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    Nice to see at least a couple that the spray can idiots haven't got to.:rolleyes:

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    Two shots i took today...


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    An DW&P car,don't see those too often anymore.I used to live about 30 yards from the small yard they had in West Duluth.It had been closed a few years,but the roundhouse was still there and the other structures they used for maintenance were still there also.They had just closed it down a few years before when the downtown "bridge Yard" was closed and they built Pokegama Yard in South Superior just across the St Louis River from Steelton Yard to replace it.
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    A few months ago I kept spotting a CNW Dash 9(?) on the mainline in Wheaton. Saw the engine something like 3 times in a week, but haven't seen it since. I keep a look out for it whenever I'm in the area with my camera
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    Great photo's.
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    Some forums don't like it when you dig up an older thread. But I really haven't noticed it here. And isn't digging up the past one of the topics of the thread?

    I LIKE freight cars. Most people like Engines and Cabooses, those are nice, but I like freight cars much better.

    I have about seven yards of photos at a photo site. I'll try to repost some that are applicable here.


    Maintenance of Way service on the Georgia Central.


    This was still on live rails, in Macon, Georgia, though I'm certain there's a scrapping operation on the far side of the yard.

    Rolling through Marietta, Georgia


    Still bringing home the bacon, laying off a gravel pit near Macon.


    Rolling through Smyrna, Georgia


    Rolling through Marietta, Georgia.

    Perhaps more reposts later, or you can visit the site in the watermark of the photos. Search for my name under the 'Contributor Sites' on the menu on the left.


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