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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by green_elite_cab, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I would like to make an L shaped addition to my Layout. Its a Modern Conrail based layout in Newark/ South Amboy, NJ. basicly the entire space you see to the left of the layout picture is free for whatever you come up with, except for some space for an aisle to the control panel. Come up with your own ideas if you like. I'll take any suggestions.


    Some things i'd like to fit in my layout is a piece of the Northeast Corridor, or an Autorack Yard, or a Container terminal. these don't have to be working, just enough to display my trains, but at the same time if in the future I want to expand i can make the necissary changes to have them operate.

    as for actual switching an operations, i was hoping i could fit in the new Walthers Modern Bakery, or Lake side shipping. Anything modern along those lines. A large interchange would be nice, as well as a wye/ passing track, so my trains can get turned around.

    I am also considering ripping up the old yard an instead replaceing it with the modern bakery and that sort of thing, and build a new yard as an addition ( the current yard is to small for operations even now) but then i'd have to rip up all that track and roadbed.

    I don't know if it would be worth it to have 2 yards...

    what do you think?

    thanks for your suggestions

  2. It looks like you are in HO.

    one question: on the left side of the layout there is a track between your inner and outer loop that seems to meander a bit, but crosses the outer track but doen't connect. Is this your connection track to the outer loop or where you want your expasion to connect?

    the available space (4 feet long) seems a little thin for creating a complete loop area, unless you opt to change your double oval into a double-L shape, which might not be a bad idea, extending your mainline run and opening up the middle for a sizable industry area.

    Barring that, you might consider a large single industry (like the bakery you mentioned), or a containerized transfer area, either to trucking or an incoming freighter.
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    I knew i forgot somethign when i re edited my post. yes its HO. i keep forgetting to say scale. 1 foot per square.

    yeah, that diamond is the current interchange, that i want to expand off of. the outer loop is what i run commuter trains on, or where i display my big equipment. It would be nice to have it connect, but i don't need it to.

    all tracks there are already down, and structures are takeing their places. I was also considering makeing a reverseing loop so that trains could turn around and go back to the 4x8, but then i would need to make the addition bigger. I'll have to see what i can do.

    yeah, i was really only hoping for more switching, some scenic thigns that give you that Newark feel, and a bigger interchange/stageing track/s.

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