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  1. lrjanzen

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    I have read a number of threads about how to punch out portholes etc. but i was wondering what is everyones take on is it really worth the effort? Does it add enough to a 1:250 model to make the effort worth while. What is everyones opinion?
  2. blueeyedbear

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    In less than 1:250 scale, portholes are going to be teeny-tiny. What I would try would be to seal the paper with Krylon or some other acrylic clear coat, then DRILL the holes, chucking a little-bitty modeling drill bit (mail order or check your local hobby shop) in my Dremel and drilling at low speed.

    Another thought is to use a VERY fine drafting pin (most craft shops) and make rows of fly-specks!:grin:

  3. lizzienewell

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    I bought a set of hole-punch pliers at a leather supply store. It makes cleaner holes than does a drill bit. If cutting the holes is worthwhile depends on what you want to do with the model. If you like the holes then do it.

  4. Dave Treby

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    Yes, I think it's worth the effort, which isn't that much once you get into it. It adds a bit of relief to the sides of the hull, especially if there are long rows of portholes. I used to file a piece of brass wire to the right diameter and then just tap the end of the rod with a light hammer to punch out a hole. It gives a nice clean cut but you need to concentrate to make sure the rod doesn't jump to give one out of line.
    Now I usually pierce the holes with needle of the right size and then slice off the extruded card from the back.
    Either way a dab of Humbrol Clearfix on the back glazes the porthole and gives a little sparkle looking along the length of a vessel.

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