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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Leif Oh, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Leif Oh

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    I suppose most of us have already visited Popala's gallery to get a closer look of the marvellous build behind "the picture of the week" (middle of February 2005).

    There are several intriguing features there if one studies the photos closely. Popala, some of your techniques and tricks really deserves spelling out. Why not give us at least a short account of a few of them, such as the cylinders of the engine, and other experiences you may want to recount?

    Best, Leif
  2. Gil

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    I too, closely examined Popala's gallery. Very nicely crafted mode. The engine seemed to receive special atttention as the detail on the gear reduction box is a nice example of detailing what shows is what counts...,

    I second the request for information...,

    Best regards, Gil
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  4. popala

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    Thank you for all the undeserved compliments. If anything, Mr. Swinger here is the real master craftsman (just look at his Ju-88 ).

    When I get home tonight, I will describe in detail how I made the engine, since my boss doesn't like me spending time on card model sites :wink:
  5. jrts

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    Hi Popala

    Its a dam fine build and the photo is displayed as it should be on the front page 8)

    Can't wait for your tips on how you did this


  6. popala

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    Thank you again for all your kind words. Below is the promised explanation of how I built the engine.

    The gearbox screw heads were made with Elmers white glue. I poured out a few drops onto an old CD and I let the glue thicken a bit. When it is almost dry it can be used to create small, screw head simulating blobs, because the glue will stay as a blob and not flatten. After glue dried completely, a couple of coats of Testors aluminum paint finished the job.

    The cylinders were first made out of card stock and to strengthen the structure I soaked them in super glue. After glue dried I was able to wind a separated strand of speaker wire. While the color of it really does not matter that much since it is later painted, I noticed that the copper wire was much easier to work with than the steel wire. After attaching the cylinders, a couple coats of paint masked the color of the wire and softened the appearance. After that I added the valve lifters.

    I would like to add that this was my first attempt at building a model of a radial engine. My mistakes include: the shape of the cylinders is not correct, the engine is missing all wiring and the coat of paint on cylinders is too thick. I hope that next one will be better :)

    Thank you again - I am somewhat astounded at the positive reaction and big thanks to the administrator for putting a picture of my work on the first page.
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    You deserve it :) Thanks for sharing it with us. It's inspirational!

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