Pony Express History

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    A letter to President Lincoln

    Like all mail carried by the Pony Express this letter was written on tissue thin paper and enclosed in a ten-cent government envelope.

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    Emblems from the past.

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    More emblems

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    Western terminus of Pony Express. San Francisco, California.

    The end of the tour. Hope you all enjoyed it! :wave:


    documents from :

    Public Relations & Advertising Division
    R E A Express, 219 East 42nd Street New York, N. Y.

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    That was a great "bit of history" that you shared with all of us. I live about 45 miles south of St. Joseph, MO., and the history of the Pony Express is big stuff around here(along with Jesse James... who did a lot of railfan'ing around these parts). Thanks for a nice bit of history.

    Iron Goat
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    :thumb: :thumb: Great stuff philip!! Thanks for sharing!! :thumb: :thumb:
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    thanks guys !

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