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Discussion in 'Railroading' started by DN, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. DN

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  2. Oh my God, please don't tell me this is N Gauge (160th)
  3. DN

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    Fortunately for our sanity it is 1:25.
    But still, something like this in paper blows me away.
  4. jrts

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    What a work of art :shock: :shock:

    Can this be had as a kit???
    It would be great to do a build on something as outstanding as this!!!

    Thanks for the link

  5. Gecko23

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    Sure. Railroad related models are pretty common in paper, here's some links to a few retailers I've bought from that carry them:


    Didn't see the pictured model at any of them, but there were others of similar design and detail.
  6. jrts

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    Hi Gecko

    Thanks for the links some nice models there :D

    Thanks mate


  7. DN

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  8. jrts

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    Cheers Roman

    Well worth $25 for a kit like this :shock:


  9. wunwinglow

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  10. Peter H

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    There's Ray Morris' Micromodel style loco's Tim. The photo's are 2002 vintage so I'm not sure if the website is correct and I have different ideas now about making permanent way.

    Would Love to do a Princess....
  11. Gil

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    The Hornby steam locomotive is the immaculate conception of cool! Bet they can't keep up with the orders. I want one too!

  12. Fishcarver

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  13. Tonino

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    Ehm, dear loco-fans

    I've in mind to build another big polish loco, the Modelik OL49.
    If someone of you is going to put the hands on it I have a little useful thing to give you. Please take a look on this thread.
    Just to spare you to became crazy looking for the pieces around in the 26 pages of the model...



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