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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by brendanplaine, Nov 22, 2002.

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    Hi, i am in th UK, and i was just in the USA a months back looking at Railroad equipment and buying loads of it. Some prices of Switch machines (point motors) I cannot believe Atlas are selling them at $12.95, in out country you can get some made by Gaugemaster, They are very good and have proved to be better than the peco version. The thing is that they are around £4, about $6.30 i believe they are better than the Atlas version as well, becuase when i was there i was looking at one it didn't look as powerful as the Peco and Seep versions i have seen and used. Most people prefer peco, but seep last much longer, and are so simple to install, you can see a pic of one at http://www.hattons.co.uk/list_stock_gaugemaster.htm maybe i should start exporting them!!!

  2. shamus

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    Hi Brendan,
    I prefer Peco point motors to Seep, as the peco fits straight onto the point (Turnout), then a hole large enough for the motor to go in through is drilled and masking tape put over the hole either side of the point. With Seep, you have to fiddle around underneath the base boards as they don't fit to the point itself.
    I like to make life Easy :D:D:D
    BTW, Brendan, where in the UK are you, I am in the Midlands.


  3. 60103

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    I've not had a chance to use Seep; they don't seem to be sold here. Most of mine are Peco with a pair of Tortoises. I think that the Atlas only work with Atlas points but I could be wrong. I have a collection of kits for motor operated point motors (!) that I haven't installed.
    I have a lot that I use the old Wrenn ground throws for. We tried to get more, but our dealer talked to Mrs. Wrenn (a decade or so ago) and she said that they could make more money using the metal for locos that point levers.
    What size hole do you make for the point motors? Do you drill or saw or what?
  4. brendanplaine

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    Hi shamus u am in Edinburgh, used to live in Newton Abbot in Devon.

    i am into N scale so i will use under board mounting versions, i have used peco attached direct to the point, but seep have proved to last longer than peco! Also once it is set up it is very easy to access a seep motor.

    Dave when i used to fit Peco motors directly to the point i would mark out where the motor was to go, and then drill a hole, then using a electric jigsaw i would cut the hole square. With peco u can also get a extender pin, which allows u to mount the motor under the board.

    The best method for ease to install seep motors is to drill a hole (remember this is for N should work with HO/OO) big enough for the motor to swing backwards and forwards. this hole is usually covered by the track completly, and then i use stiff paper or card, or even cork, it depends what the track has been mounted on. Card is the best, just simply cut a oval hole out. next lay the point in place, then put the motor up, fix it in place, then back on top remove the point, glue the card down, which now is in the exact place, cut the card to shape if need be, if your track is mounted on cork that is. next lay the point, then cut the card to shape around the point, usually the size of the piece of card is about 1" by 1". Then continue laying track as you would.

    The way i lay track is always mounted to something, eg cork is my fave, but in the past i have used polysteryne sheet, foam and carpet underlay.

  5. 60103

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    Hi Brendan. My mother came from Edinburgh (Leith, to be exact) and I still have a number of cousins there that I've lost connection with.
    It's been over 25 years since I was there.
  6. brendanplaine

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    Hey Dave i live about a 3 minute walk from Leith!!!

    If you know your cousins names, i may be able to find them for you. I have a program that allows me to search a database of 43.5 million people in the UK. If you told me their names i would then find their postal address, and maybe their phone number if they entered it into the electoral poll. Then i would tell you the addresses, so u can get in contact again.


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