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    Gordon Hulford snapped a shot of the CN Point Ellice Yards in Victoria, BC in the early 1980's. This yard is being redeveloped as I type this, and the entire CN operation was abandoned by 1990.

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    Welcome aboard ENR! Cool picture. I know of a couple of people around here who are going to like that CN switcher. Is that Quonset hut part of an engine house?
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    The building in the background is a steel retail building. They were a customer on the line. The two wooden boxcars made up the shops. Here's a close up of the switcher. Gordon Hulford photo.The switcher was later replaced by GMD1 1003, which was in turn replaced by GMD1 1070...and then the line was abandoned. The CN operation was the only place on Vancouver Island where you could see GE's in action, most of the motive power on the island were either ALCo, BLW(Baldwin), GM, or MLW.

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    welcome ENR 3870

    Thats a great shot.

    Gonnaview your other post`s now;)
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    Nice pictures... Any chance of a close up of those box cars (the outside braced ones by the engine)?

    Thanks! Oh, and welcome to The Gauge!

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    Unfortunately I can't find a better shot of the wooden boxcars, but here's a shot, taken a few years later, with CN GMD1 1003 on the shop track with the wooden boxcar on the left. Jason King photo.

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    A GE 80-Tonner switches the Point Ellice Yards in the late 1950's. Gordon Hulford photo.

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    Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
  9. MasonJar

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    Thanks for that other shot of the outside braced boxcar.


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