PNR Accident

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by edgar bilayon, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Hi! friends, am happy to be part of this forum. I just learned about this site by browsing and got interested as I am from the PNR. I need to talk and say something about the accident because nobody ever spoke from the employees side of the accident, I agree with all your comments regarding the employees attitude and appearances while on duty, it is very sad indeed, however there are people in PNR who are doing their best to change the system, and it is the Union, the Bagong Kapisanan ng mga Manggagawa sa PNR and allies from some management people. I will deal with that issue in the proper time . Now about the accident.The main reason for the accident in Quezon last year is purely the result of neglect and mismanagement. Too much coruption in the company contributed much to this accident. It is an accident in waiting. The reasons fed to media that pilfereges is the cause of the accident is pure hogwash. It is a clear example of pointing an accusing finger to somebody instead of accepting responsibility and honestly correct the mistakes that resulted to this accident. This is very clear on the report of the fact finding committee formed to conduct investigation on the accident.

    The problem with PNR is that it has become a political dumping ground and a milking cow for those in power who never think of the enormous benefit a good railway can provide to the Pilipino people, especially to the ordinary folks and its contribution to the Phillipine economy.
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    Hi Edgar thanks for your informed imput, Working for a big Transit system I wont mention who, over 25 years, we have had our share this type of problem. :(
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    Welcome to the Gauge Edgar!!! :wave:

    It's always good to here the other side of the story - this time from a real insider. Thanks for posting.

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    Thank you Chris and Val,the Guage is informative

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