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    after completing the x-1 from this company i decided to give another one of there offerings..just a few notes so far the model has no extra tabs unlike the x-1 so it nessacery to draft print the model again to get tabs unfortunately this model lacks a detailed no cockpit:cry: also it does cane the black ink the good points...its HUGE:twisted:

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  2. cmdrted

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    You could borrow a piece of black construction paper to have as stock for makeing the connection tabs. This is one of their kits that I've been wanting to build up for awhile but haven't gotten the nerve to do yet, good luck!

    NULLMOON Member

    i seem to be on a black ink bonaza at the moment ive also got the u2, f-117 and the cannon airbus printed out:roll:
  4. Willja67

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    Now you just need to add Airwolf to the list.
  5. Stev0

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    I would consider having something with that much black either ... printed on black cardstock or let someone else take the ink hit and go to a copy place to print it.

    The thing with black cardstock is you lose details that are NON-black like say white badging (which may be solved by painting).
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    I love the SR-71! I hate black inkjet ink, because then my fingers are stained for a week! I usually let Staples print it for me. You have to pay, sure, but the ink stays firmly where it belongs, and doesn't smudge. Which is why I have nice black-inked models and no money.
    Darn, nullmoon, first I bought the X-1 after your build thread, and now I'm considering this one. You certainly make a good impression! :)

    NULLMOON Member

    i use a epson and the cartriges i use are "jettec" they are made for this printer but are half the price and have twice the ink:grin:

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