Plymouth Rock: Orion/Orion Deep Space Vehicle

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    Here's my latest, the Orion/Orion Deep Space Vehicle envisioned for the "Plymouth Rock" mission to an asteroid. The models are based on depictions in Lockheed Martin's June white paper, "Plymouth Rock: An Early Human Mission to Near Earth Asteroids Using Orion Spacecraft."

    The Orion and Orion DSV models are based on Ton's card model. I used his parts as templates to scratchbuild my own, but deviated from his plans by building the “big mouth” version of the Service Module, which is the latest design of the SM that has a larger upper portion to better protect the Crew Module’s heat shield from micrometeoroid and orbital debris (MMOD).

    I used model rocket tubes and toilet tissue tubes – cut to the appropriate lengths and diameters – for the SMs and Orion DSV's stretched cabin. Several different types of papers and cardstock were used throughout, including a pearlescent textured cardstock to replicate the thermal insulation blankets covering the SM, portions of the DSV’s stretched cabin and the MMOD covers for the oxygen and nitrogen tanks. I also used four different kinds of metallic papers, regular white and colored cardstock, stiffened paper towels and regular weight copy paper. The models are all paper except for the UltraFlex Solar Array arms, which are aluminum tube.

    I built the asteroid Eros from a cardmodel offered by Chuck Clark. His model is based on P.J. Stooke’s photomosaic and P.E. Clark’s mapping précis. I copied the model at 140 percent, and yeah, it's not in the same scale as the Orion/Orion DSV but I thought it looked cool on the base.

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    I love those little MMU's :thumb:

    Thats an awsome model,

  3. Breathtaking details, David. Beautiful.
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    Brilliant stuff!

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