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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by popeye, Apr 24, 2007.

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    As Sumpter 250 pointed out, DCC is not really as much of an all-or-nothing proposition as many (including myself) believed. True, the DC locos will not operate on DCC-controlled track (except for one in zero-stretching mode with some DCC systems). But most modern DCC decoders switch to dual-mode pretty easily, which lets the loco run quite nicely on DC power.

    You do have to wire for DC block control. A DCC system is substituted for a DC power pack and all the block toggles shifted to the DCC system when DCC operation is desired.

    Provided you use dual-mode decoders, remaining a primarily DC operation is quite practical. Then when you have sufficient locomotives converted, you remove the remaining DC locomotives and switch to primarily DCC operations. Keeping your DC wiring allows you to switch back to DC at any time if circumstances dictate.

    just my thoughts, your choices
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    It also helps in isolating a short circuit that shuts down the DCC. You can "turn off" one block at a time, to find where on the layout the short is occurring.

    CAVEAT: When running DCC on a DC cab control layout, do not try to operate DC at the same time. Keep all blocks in DCC. A loco "running a block" from DC to DCC, or DCC to DC, can send DC power back into the DCC system, and possibly cause permanent damage to the DCC controller.

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