Plastics modelers are now accepting us!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Mark Crowel, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. mariaone

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    does it really matter

    announce1 what is the point? as a 'plastic modeller' who builds from stratch i dont consider my self any better or worse than a paper modeller, but i do in fact have great admiration for those choosing paper as a medium, as i do occasionally use paper in my models as there is only so much you can do with a sheet of styrene and a craft knife, also if i have an accident with a pot of paint or more often than not in my case the plastic weld i can very quickly wipe it off and things are ok but with a paper model more often than not a mistake means a re-build, i know ive done it, lol, as a group us 'modellers' are all considered a bit geeky or just out and out 'sad' by many, so why dont we all just stick together and learn to appreciate a good model or idea, encourage and help those still learning the skills, and educate those who are small minded enough to critisize, then all will be shiny
  2. Hank McCoy

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    Very interesting discussion. After 40+ years of mainly building plastic aircraft, I suddenly quit. Despite having just had a very successful run of completed models, I felt as if all of the fun had been sucked out of the hobby. I tried variety - submarines, 1/48 armour and collecting 1/6 figures. Seems like there is more griping and complaining about models and manufacturers than actual modelling anymore. Organized clubs and events are all about competition. Aren't hobbies and sports two different things ?

    I grew up on the likes of Airfix Magazine and Scale Models where there were always plans, drawings, sketches and instructions on how to use common household materials to build or convert things. The Internet has been a great disappointment in that it tends to offer nothing but photos of finished models. Build articles tend to promote expensive after market items as the only way. Questions are rarely answered.

    On this and a few other card site I've visited, things look a bit different. I've bought a few card kits, but being a 'glutton for punishment' have chosen a major project based on a 1/25 Halsinki Tiger I tank which I am enlarging to 1/6 scale. I've been at it for about four months and am really enjoying modelling again. I am using plastic, foam, wood and card in this project and am definitely making progress (over 160 individual pieces drawn into my computer program for scale enlargement, the main hull is built up with styrene over foamboard and am currently working on interior detail in card.) Bottom line - I think I've become a card modeller !
  3. gtb -red

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    the people over at can't believe that the carriers are made from scratch. let alone papercard. i builted a few hulls for guys to see what reaction they have hold it in thier hands. it's been pretty postive so far.:mrgreen:
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    paper is readily available, it is inexpensive, it's flexible. it's a lot more than plastic is. though we still need plastic for our models to make windows, canopies, and windshields. i think plastic modelers too use paper in some of parts of their models. either way, it's just a matter of preference, resourcefulness and practicality. i personally prefer paper. it goes a long way.
  5. i3pm

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    i agree with gtb-red. paper has that amazed reaction on people when they see a model made out of paper.
  6. goodduck

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    Unlike plastic modelers eating up millions of barrels of oil, polluting the environment to make plastic model kits. We paper modelers are green, environmentally friendly. We get our paper by....... cutting down millions of acres of trees.
  7. Falsemuzzle

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    THAT is all to true goodduck! :rofl:
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    Its NOT true, our hobby isnt popular enough for that quantity of trees yet ;) maybe someday!

    If you want to show the plastic world what we got I started a SIG at IPMS and they are readily accepting us.... check out their forums and join in the group build I started.... Steeds of the aces. Any plane painted in an aces livery can be built and posted there!
  9. Falsemuzzle

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    I do like the thread...both paper and plastic.
    It also motivated me to try and finish Lothar's Dr.I (from Wings of Horus) that I started 3 months ago. Gotta get on that...:yep:
  10. cgutzmer

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    awesome! glad to be of assistance in the motivation dept! :)

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