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  1. hello all were looking to add a few plastic silos to our furniture making factory (to make it feel,look more real) we wamt to know what type of hoppers are needed? thanks all
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    When I was a kid, I used to pass by a Union Carbide factory on my way to school that handled plastic pellets. If I recall correctly, they came in covered hoppers similar to what you see cement in these days.

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  4. sweet jbaakko i like the pics
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    Any 4 bay hopper, with that style of discharge should work fine. I like the Walthers ones myself, but you can use any.
  7. ok i bought 5 4 bay hoppers by atlas in n scale. now to build a terminal for them to unload at :cry:
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    All it needs there, is a track, some piping, and a few small silos.
  9. as in 20ft 30 ft ext..?? thanks:thumb:
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    The ones here, are approximately a 15-20' diameter tank, by about 40' tall.

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