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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by davididit, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Greetings! First off let me say from looking around this site, you guys are amazing! Beautiful works! Here’s my problem – a couple of weeks ago I bought a model of a JU-88, and since it was a really old (late 70’s) kit, the instructions only had vague references on how to paint it. So looking around the net (that’s how I found you guys) i found a fellow that was doing a JU-88 and I instantly fell in love with the paint scheme he was using. It was a white or very light grey overall with dark blue or blue/grey splotches across the top, and it was a card model. There was no way I could contact the fellow to find out where he got it, so I was hoping that maybe you guys might know where I could find it. I don’t need the whole thing, I just want enough to be able to use it as a guide for my kit. Any help would be muchly appreciated!
    Keep up the good work!
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    Here's a site where you can find some great pre-printed kits of many planes. Type in JU 88 in the search box and I came up with bout 4 kits of diffrent makers and markings each round $15 or less :D

    There are many, many great ponts to paper modeling. First off you can get a great kit for very little money. I saw a 1/32 plastic F-14 in a hobby store that i had my eye on. It was decent on detail and the size :D Well I passed on it with a $120 price tag. I got a 1/33 scale F-14 from the site above for less then $18, and get's got better details than the plastic!!!

    Do a search on that site and grab a JU 88. Trust me you won't be disapointed. Not only would you get great refrences for your plastic kit you will have another great kit to build :D

    You can even scan it and print off a copy to test build with till you're more comfortable with building the printed kit.

    Here's a digital download model site. There's a JU-88 in there to.

    Digital kits are great as if you mess up a part you can re-print and try again.

    Hope to see you round and give a card model a try ;)

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    Or, could be the one over at

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    davididit-Is this Ju-88 kit you have a night fighter? If it is, here is a standard paint scheme. While this profile is on a Heinkle 219, the site did list the Ju-88 as having the same paint scheme. Here is a link to the site for ya:

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    Thanks for all the replies guys, you've really helped. Itla9000311, I believe you are right, that does appear to be very close to the scheme in the pics I have of the other guys build. Only difference are the colors, as his had a base light grey, like a camo grey instead of light blue, and then the splotches are a dark blue or dark blue/grey instead of grey/violet. But this gives me a good starting place. G1, I’ve taken your advice and downloaded a couple of free models, and I’ll give them a try. Again, thanks for the help guys!
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    Hey David,

    Seems as how you like Greman birds give this one I designed and Janx colored a try,

    Here's the build thread of the final prototype as a guide,

    It's tricky so get some practice in before trying it. If you do give it a shot and have any questions feel free to ask. I or many members will be glad to help in any way we can ;)

    Be sure to post pics of your models. Hell even that p#%&*$c one :p


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